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Tarot Card Keywords e-Book

]You asked for it and now I’ve delivered it – Tarot Card Keywords – a printer friendly e-book of keywords and correspondences.

Created from existing Tarot Card Meanings entries, this compendium has been expanded upon and extended providing definitions and keywords not found on the blog. Each card also now has a new section, As People, which gives attributes as well as occupations, helping extend your knowledge, thinking and tarot vocabulary.

Tarot Card Keywords also includes the relevant and popular blogs posts, The Four Elements and the Tarot Aces, How to Finally Conquer the Court Cards, Answering Yes/No Questions Using Tarot and an extended and exclusive section in Numerology of the Minor Arcana which shows you how to apply numerological values to the court cards and how to use numerology in a tarot reading.

Incorporating tarot card keywords from the Rider Waite-Smith and Thoth Tarot decks, it also includes correspondences from astrology, numerology and qabbalah and includes the suits, which get a full page of keywords, correspondences and information each.

This e-book is printer friendly meaning it has no images to use up ink – it’s all the relevant information you require, quickly and easily. Logically inserted page breaks also means you can just print the sections you want, and if you file away your work like I do, then you have no overlaps with clean endings and beginnings.

If you use Tarot Card Keywords as a digital product, you will find internal navigation with bookmark links meaning you can jump from section to section without any hassles, making searching and scrolling a pleasure and not a chore.

Coming in at just under 18,000 words and 76 pages, Tarot Card Keywords is a steal at just $10.95*

Get your copy now!

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