The leaders of the pack, archetypes & guides on your spiritual quest

Major Arcana

Also known as the Trumps, from their historical origin, the Major Arcana are considered the most important group of cards in the tarot. To some, they represent universal archetypes. To others, they represent the spiritual quest of enlightenment.

They are magickal and special and yet they also represent our everyday lives and experiences. There are many aspects to the Major Arcana and it would be wrong to classify them from just one perspective.

Like the rest of the tarot, they are multi-faceted and multi-talented and should be allowed to express themselves in many different ways, from predictive tarot reading, to psychological explorations; from tarot spells and magick to its original purpose – as a game.

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Interactive Card Meanings

Once you start viewing individual cards, be sure to leave your own tarot card meanings in the comments section!

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