Major Arcana

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The FoolThe MagicianHigh PriestessThe EmpressThe EmperorThe HeirophantThe LoversThe ChariotStrengthThe HermitWheel of FortuneJusticeHanged ManDeathTemperanceThe DevilThe TowerThe StarThe MoonThe SunJudgementThe World

Also known as the Trumps, from their historical origin, the Major Arcana are considered the most important group of cards in the tarot. To some, they represent universal archetypes. To others, they represent the spiritual quest of enlightenment.

They are magickal and special and yet they also represent our everyday lives and experiences. There are many aspects to the Major Arcana and it would be wrong to classify them from just one perspective.

Like the rest of the tarot, they are multi-faceted and multi-talented and should be allowed to express themselves in many different ways, from predictive tarot reading, to psychological explorations; from tarot spells and magick to its original purpose – as a game.

The following tarot card keywords are a good base for you to build your own vocabulary from, or as a quick reference guide if you already have a good level of proficiency and knowledge.

This list is in no way exhaustive and I would encourage you to use the white space around these entries to add your own meanings, taken from inspirational sources and real life experiences.


Tarot Card Keywords – a printer friendly e-book of keywords & correspondences. Created from the entries on Tarot Elements and extended to include further attributes and explanations, this 76 page e-book is a great starting point for anyone who wants to be able to reference a card quickly and easily. The book also includes popular blogs posts that aid and extend the meaning of the cards, including the Four Elements and the Tarot Aces, How to Finally Conquer the Court Cards, Answering Yes/No Questions Using Tarot and an extended version of Numerology of the Minor Arcana. Printer friendly without images and logical page breaks, this e-book is essential reading for tarot readers and students of all levels.

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