Queen of Swords

queen of swordsElement: Air
Timing: Sept 12 – Oct 12
Numerical value: 13
Card Counting Value: 4
As People: An analytical and intelligent woman; quick-minded; a problem solver; clinical but not cold; likely to be highly educated or with an interest in continued education; a people watcher who observes more than she speaks; ardent and stoic; a sharp dresser; independent and self-disciplined; an astute businesswoman.
As Events: Success with literary projects; independence perhaps through divorce; entering into self-employment; a meeting with an advisor, perhaps even a psychologist; and end to personal troubles; business meetings; professional learning and certification; networking.
As Inner Processes: Applying logic to a situation; stepping back from the emotions; being objective; stepping out from behind your mask; finding mental clarity; having to be ruthless or strong willed; finding the light after the dark; new found inner wisdom; having the courage of your convictions.

The Queen of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

My Dad has a wonderful saying, “Bullshit baffles brains.”
There’ll be plenty of it about today, the BS, that is. And there’s no-one better equipped to deal with it, or indeed spot it, than the Queen of Swords.
She has a BS Detector so darn good that if she could replicate it, build a handheld version of it, she’d be a millionaire.
So here’s what you gotta do, switch your BS Detector on. Take a leaf out of the Queen of Swords’ book and use your skills of perception to see through the nonsense to get to the truth, if it’s there.
A word of warning here, the Queen of Swords can be ruthless, she is most definitely precise and exacting, but what she’s not is a loose canon. When she comes across BS in all its forms, she deals with it in the most appropriate manner for the situation.
And so must you.
If you come across someone trying baffle your brains with bullshit today, don’t fly off the handle, don’t overeact, note it and respond accordingly.
That often includes applying the Rule of 10 or 24, that is, wait 10 minutes or 24hrs before you do. That way, you are responding and not reacting.
Remember, the Queen of Swords likes precision, and exactness. She doesn’t like and wouldn’t engage in ‘low-level’ tactics. She would rise above it and so must you.

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