Knight of Wands

knight of wandsElement: Fire
Timing: Jul 12 – Aug 11
Numerical value: 12
Card Counting Value: 4
As People:
Energetic and ambitious; not necessarily sporty, but definitely adventurous; determined though sometimes a little hasty; charming with a magnetism that’s hard to resist; exciting and motivational; dynamic and inspiring; entertaining and often into drama(s) (of all kinds); a budding entrepreneur.
As Events:
Journeys and travelling; moving home, even emigrating; a change of job or promotion; sporting events; acting quickly in any endeavour; creative ideas being brought into action; taking a risk; putting yourself out there; to boldly go…
As Inner Processes:
Finding your vitality; trusting your gut instinct; embracing challenges ahead; allowing yourself to let your hair down; giving yourself a pep talk; believing you can do it; having the courage of your convictions.

The Knight of Wands as a Daily Tarot Card

The Knight of Wands is known as a daring and swashbuckling hero – a regular Indiana Jones.
This Knight though, daring and adventurous, is less about buckling his swash and more about searching for the spiritual.
It’s been a week of creativity, work and managing energy – today is all about finding balance between all of those things while still moving forward with your work and plans for the future.
Who else could handle that kind of request but the Knight of Wands?
Yes, your work will continue – as it should. Yes, your creativity will still flow. And yes, you are still moving forward physically and materially in life. You are doing all of that because the Knight of Wands is the most able to help you.
But he’s also there to remind you that there is another side to life that needs taking care of, that of your spirit.
Not unlike the Hermit for looking in dark places that most would avoid, this knight is not looking inward for what you may have forgotten about yourself, he’s looking for what’s new about you, the undiscovered.
At a time when you need to dig deep to keep balance while you move forward in life, the Knight of Wands is actively doing the digging for you.

The Son of Wands as the Tarot Card of the Week

Also known as the Prince or Knight of Wands, this young man is all about charming the very birds from the trees and suggests you approach your week with style and aplomb. Life happens and dealing with it’s not always easy, but to do so with style and a sense of dignity is the remit of the Son of Wands.
This week promises to be exciting and full of adventure. If you find yourself on the verge of something that scares you a little – that would be a good thing! Go for it and surprise yourself. Certainly exciting changes are ahead for those who are ready to run with them. The multitude of butterflies and horses in the card indicate the huge amount of spiritual opportunities available in the coming week. Love may also be in the air, signified by the 6 sparkles around the son’s head, relating to the Lovers. Let’s also not rule out business partnerships, deals and agreements that bring people together.
The Smooth Talker of the pack can achieve anything he sets his mind to. And so can you. Whatever excites you (and/or scares) you this week – grab it! That my friend, will be your point of transformation.

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