9 of Wands

Nine of wands
Element: Fire
Timing: Dec 3 – Dec 12 Moon in Sagittarius
Numerology: 9 – Strength, compassion, completion, optimism, suffering.
Card Counting Value: 9 – card value
Yes/No Question: Yes
Keywords – Determination; strength of character; digging deep; belief in your personal power; courage under fire; a test of personal power or strength; being able to push through; protecting what you have worked for; defending your rights; protecting your reputation.
Reversed: loss of strength; a failed attempt at defence; losing your power; being over-powered; losing what you have worked for; being ousted from your position; being abandoned in your fight; having your character attacked.
As People: Soldiers and the military; protest marchers; activists; security guards and
bodyguards; striking workers; diehards.

Tarot Insight

Stepping outside of your comfort zone; being in the process of something that makes you feel very uncomfortable but not being able to stop the process; having to see the difficulty or challenge through. These experiences, while seemingly fraught or disturbing in the moment, are character building. Growth in the face of adversity.

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A detailed and thoughtful exploration of Virgo as represented through tarot including topics such as numerology and astrology, ancient history, mysticism and alchemy. See how the 9 of Wands relates to Virgo and it’s partner cards directly associated with this zodiac sign and see how you can relate them to yourself and your life in a more meaningful way.

The Nine of Wands as a Daily Tarot Card

It may be a day of high tension in many ways, your patience will be tested along with your level of commitment to work, projects and the things you agreed to and now wish you hadn’t.
But have no fear, with the 9 of Wands on your side, you cannot fail.
At least you know you’ll see it through.
With this kind of energy around everything is possible.
That said, the very nature of this card suggests defence and protection of what you’re working towards, what you’re creating, what you love and what you believe in. The key to this card is defence and not warfare.
Closely related to the Strength card, this is a controlled emotion and experience. Tenacity, determination and unquestioning belief ensures that you complete all that you’re meant to today, despite the pressures, the deadlines and the naysayers.
Stand tall, stand proud and don’t be swayed by those who would see you fail.
Today is your day. How will you best use your 9 of Wands energy?

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