Two’s Company

In Part One of this Elemental Dignities Mini Series, Pick A Card, Any Card… we looked at one card – the 9 of Wands.

Here in Part Two, we’re going to add another card and see what difference it makes to the 9 of Wands. So, Tarot deck at the ready, time for another card..

Draw one for yourself, what did you get? This time I drew the Lovers.

Using our example of yesterday, a quick analysis will look like this:

Keywords And Attributes

Free association: togetherness, partnerships, the bringing together of opposites, family life, 2.4 children!

Keywords: love, partnerships, marriage, a union, a choice.

Numerology: 6 – movement, balance, solutions, harmony, healing, empathy.

Astrology: associated with Gemini, the Twins. Quick witted with a sharp mind. I know a couple of Gemini’s and they can be indecisive too – stuck in two minds? I think so. At least they have the power to reason though, a saving grace for all you Geminis out there 😉

Element: Air – the intellect, logic, reason. We have a lot of a lot of mental activity going on with this card despite its stand out theme of love and union.

What we need to do now is look at how the Lovers affects the 9 of Wands. Side by side, they look like this:


Your first thoughts would be to see how the divinatory meanings interact each other, so using our lists above, we could say that we’re now looking at a strong relationship, not just a union, but one of tremendous strength; that these two people bring out the best in each other and are very supportive of each other. A match made in heaven it would seem. To add more depth to this analysis though, we need to look at how the elements are interacting with each other. Before we do that, there are a couple of rules we must take into consideration when we work with Elemental Dignities

Elemental Dignity Rules
  1. Fire and Air are friendly and active
  2. Water and Earth are friendly and passive
  3. Fire and Water are enemies, they weaken each other
  4. Air and Earth are enemies, they weaken each other
  5. Fire and Earth strengthen each other but are neutral
  6. Water and Air strengthen each other but are neutral

For now, we’re just concerning ourselves with bullet point one – Fire and Air, as these are the elements of our two cards.

Being friendly to each other, they’re supporting each other, strengthening each other. In plain English, it simply means that both cards have remained relevant to our reading, their divinatory meanings have been reinforced by the other. There is also another attribute applied to this pairing of elements – they are both active. Again, simply put, it means the message of the cards is actually happening now, or is going to very quickly.

Applying Elemental Dignities To Our Questions

Let’s go back to our questions from Part One of this Mini Series, and see how they are now being answered by the Tarot with two cards.

I had a job interview today, how do you think it went? I would say it went well. The interviewer was impressed with your strength of character and your confidence. You came across as a team player, but also as a dynamic person capable of leading the team, bringing them together and coping well under pressure.

What do the next three months hold for me? I feel you may be facing some difficulties ahead that will test your relationship. It’s coming under the spotlight and you may find that things will change very quickly. You need to try and remain grounded during this time so that you can respond to these quick developments as opposed to reacting. Passion can also be destructive. Despite feeling you have no control, please dig deep as you have the personal resources and resolve to not only get through this, you also have the ability to make your relationship stronger once this period passes.

My partner wants to take our relationship further, I don’t feel ready yet. What’s the best way to handle this? You have to do what’s right for you, and if you’re not ready for this relationship to go to new depths, then you must communicate that to your partner. There is no doubt he may be upset and even persist in his desire to get what he wants, but this is where you must show strength. Be firm but gentle in your response to him. Your relationship with him is very good and will be able to withstand this period of uncertainty you both face, so long as you both try and keep your feet on the ground and remain focused on what’s important here. Though things are moving too quickly for you, if you can ride this turbulent period, you will come through this to find a calmer, more settled time will follow.

A Quick Recap

So to recap, adding an extra card made quite a difference to our questions. Elemental Dignities added a layer to the reading that we wouldn’t have seen before, in that both cards were equally important, their meanings became blended and interactive. Note that no positions were applied to the cards, they were allowed to tell their own story. The active nature of both cards also showed us that any issues or outcomes would occur quickly, along with the appropriate resolutions. It’s also possible in these situations for things to blow over just as quickly as they began.

Look at the two cards you have drawn from your Tarot deck and follow the simple rules shown above. Can you see any immediate changes to the meanings of those cards? Did you draw cards with elements different to mine? Did you draw cards with elements that are enemies and you’re a little confused? Then great! Check out Part Three of this Elemental Dignities Mini Series, Three Is A Magic Number,to see some real magic in action, and how those enemies can actually enrich your readings…


Lessons In This Mini Series…
  1. Pick A Card, Any Card…
  2. Two’s Company
  3. Three Is A Magic Number

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5 thoughts on “Two’s Company

  1. Ironically, since Catherine also had this one, my second card is the 9 of Wands.

    I’m influenced by the picture I mentally see, from the Lo Scarabeo tarot. It is a RWS-based image, where a serene man (almost hint of smile) is wrapping what I think of as a brace or bandage for his arm, while a bundle of 9 sticks (clubs and staves — potential weapons) are grouped to stand behind him. This suggests a calm strength, bruised but prepared for more.

    Looking at the Thoth that I’m using for this exercise, I sense power in the red arrows of this card, and the red/white star at the center. The pattern in this star reminds me of bloodshot eyes; someone who’s been awake a long time. A big wand or staff is in front of the arrows, and looks to balance the sun on top and moon on bottom. This conveys a balance of opposites, united to give power. The single staff also looks as if it could be guarding the arrows behind it; or marshaling them.

    The eight arrows are decorated with a moon for the tip, and a bunch of moons for the shaft. The background is gray on top and fades to black at the bottom. It looks like the light of the sun dominates more than the moon, which fits in with the sun in Sagittarius. My astrology knowledge isn’t too strong (haha), but I would say this is vitality expressed through power or determination. I think of the arrow that observes all around it on its flight, before it reaches the intended target. A fairly stable card, uniform power, with hidden (or unknown) reserves available.

    Princess of Wands — 9 of Wands

    Two fire cards together. This is elementally a very strong combination, and they support and strengthen each other. This could be an explosive combination with too much fire: the exuberant princess might go her own brash way, and trample anyone that gets in her way. But I don’t think it has to be negative, because that strength could be a good thing if it’s needed. These two cards reinforce each other, therefore reinforcing a lot of what I said in part 1.

    “I had a job interview today, how do you think it went?” I think it went well in general. Enthusiasm carried the day and counted for a lot. You showed that you have mettle and tenacity to see you through a long project, where enthusiasm might get you started but not finished. The advice I might give is to keep in mind that you still have to be a team player, you can’t do everything by yourself; but your ability to be strong will probably help carry the team when necessary. Maybe this job will provide an opportunity for growth by providing leadership abilities.

    “What do the next three months hold for me?” I think you will shortly experience something new that gives you pause, due to unfamiliarity. A change in life, possibly related to career, school or a project that is very important to you. Because of this change, your footing will be uncertain. But a direct approach will aid you best. You have the resources to deal with this change, just remember that it will be over soon, and you’ll find you can weather it. A “holding pattern” might be the best way for you to deal with this change.

    “My partner wants to take our relationship further, I don’t feel ready yet. What’s the best way to handle this?” You may not be ready but you’re able to be open to the possibilities. Passion seems to have taken precedence over a more stable romance; but this passion has become too intense right now. There is potential for stability, if you are open and honest about your feelings. There may be sleepless nights as you try to single-handedly wrest your relationship into shape. (The negative side of these two cards combined.) This suggests that working together to explore your options might be a better approach — although you may find yourself needing to take the lead and direct your conversations!

    1. Hi Jason,

      Excellent work again 🙂 You’re right of course to point out the potential danger of two fire cards together. This is where ED’s can begin to confuse people as those two fire cards do support each other, but without containment, the fire is like a wildfire and can be seen as reckless action, being out of control.

      As far as your two cards are concerned, as I see it, the Princess needs tempering a little. That may happen with the solid 9 of Wands, it’s a strong enough card to cope with her. The military feeling I get from this card reminds me of Earth and the suit of Disks – that solid dependability we find with those right here coupled with the superb energy of Fire. So, helpfully, the 9 of Wands keeps the Princess’ vigour and hunger fed, it also keeps her on a long leash, able to pull her in if necessary.

      What you have done, as I would have too, is apply the rules of ED’s, but also allowed the subtle interactions and relationships of the divinatory meanings to meld with the ED’s to form your answers to the questions. It’s really a case of layering and you’ve done it really well Jason.

      Can’t wait for your Part 3 🙂


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