Tarot Suit of Wands


Wands represent creativity, energy, passion and action. They cover your spiritual pursuits, your career and creative projects. Leadership, self-growth and general optimism are some traits of this suit.

Ace of Wands
The creative spark; a new project or creative endeavour; a passionate union; a new start; willpower; inspiration; virility; spiritual insights; the vital life force; impetus. Read more
2 of Wands
Being in control; dynamism; centredness; losing control; being dominated; dominating another or a situation; courage of your conviction. Read more
3 of Wands
Ideas crystallizing; integrity; confidence; a hobby becoming a business; confirmation you’re on the right path; control with harmony. Read more
4 of Wands
Initial success; first stage of completion; continuation of the project; wholeness; progression; equilibrium; balanced harmony; green light to continue. Read more
5 of Wands
Unrest; unease; disagreements; an internal battle; disruption; defending yourself or others; competition; being challenged. Read more
6 of Wands
Victory; your goal reached; a breakthrough; feeling the adrenaline of winning; feeling exalted; culmination of your effort; feeling inspired to continue. Read more
7 of Wands
Courage; standing up for yourself; fighting an unknown adversary; obstacles that must be overcome; a calculated risk; daring; standing your ground. Read more
8 of Wands
Acting quickly; overcoming obstacles, directness; communications; events moving swiftly; blockages removed; opportunities arrive quickly. Read more
9 of Wands
Determination; strength of character; digging deep; belief in your personal power; courage under fire; a test of personal power or strength. Read more
10 of Wands
Being overburdened; repression; unreasonable obligations; taking on too much; feeling the pressure; depression; feeling trapped; no control over circumstances. Read more
Tarot Court Cards

This group are somewhat complex and require more than just a few keywords to see them expressed with any sense of completeness. I grouped them into their rank and presented them as People, as Events and as Inner Processes in the following posts:

For more thorough and complex card meanings and divinatory definitions, head over to our growing Tarot Card Meanings section, where you can search and explore card by card. From here, simply click on an individual card to be taken directly to it. Navigate through the Tarot Card Meanings section from there by using the navigation bar and breadcrumb just above the card title. You can of course continue to search the keywords of the other minor arcana suits in their group form using the links below.




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