Tarot Suit of Cups


The suit of Cups represent your emotions, feelings, your subconscious, intuition and psychism. They deal with love affairs, all relationships, inner expression, your reactions or responses and the pursuit of happiness.

Ace of Cups
Love in its purest sense; its connection to the divine source; increased psychism & intuition; mind, body & spirit in union; abundance; a new relationship; birth or pregnancy; sensual passion; inspired creativity. Read more
2 of Cups
Love; harmony; emotional balance; love flowing freely; a repaired relationship; togetherness; close bonds and friendships; a relationship that is strengthening; mutual love and respect. Read more
3 of Cups
Joy; abundance in love; being in love; giving love freely; feeling love from others; gatherings and celebrations; success with great satisfaction; feeling good. Read more
4 of Cups
Ennui; inertia; settling for what you have; missing opportunities; apathy; melancholy; indifference; accepting what you have without seeking growth or progression. Read more
5 of Cups
Sadness; feeling disappointed; feeling let down or betrayed; the doldrums; acceptance of misfortune; malaise; despondency; discontent. Read more
6 of Cups
Pleasure; sentimentality; nostalgia; happy memories; indulgence; sexual pleasures; enjoyment; gratification; excitement; ecstasy. Read more
7 of Cups
Excesses; over-indulgence; gluttony; lack of morality; alcoholism; drug use or addiction; debauchery; making ill-informed choices; corruption; daydreaming; wishful thinking; delusion; confusion. Read more
8 of Cups
Lethargy; indifference; melancholy; despondency; feeling dejected; turning away from your aim, giving up; choosing to leave. Read more
9 of Cups
Contentment; satisfaction; universal joy; success; a bright future; brimming with joy; blessings; feeling good about everything; bliss. Read more
10 of Cups
Fulfillment; perfect harmony; emotional stability; satisfaction; a happy family unit; your dream becoming reality; security. Read more
Tarot Court Cards

This group are somewhat complex and require more than just a few keywords to see them expressed with any sense of completeness. I grouped them into their rank and presented them as People, as Events and as Inner Processes in the following posts:

For more thorough and complex card meanings and divinatory definitions, head over to our growing Tarot Card Meanings section, where you can search and explore card by card. From here, simply click on an individual card to be taken directly to it. Navigate through the Tarot Card Meanings section from there by using the navigation bar and breadcrumb just above the card title. You can of course continue to search the keywords of the other minor arcana suits in their group form using the links below.




Author: Catherine

I use tarot to help me navigate life and understand myself better. As well as tarot, I enjoy using aromatherapy & herbalism to improve my health & well being. My spiritual seeking lay with Gaia, the environment & what my senses engage around me.

7 thoughts

  1. The 8 of Cups was always a card that troubled me when I was first learning the DMs .

    I often see this card appear when people are having difficulty deciding what to do next. It’s an assessment of a situation that has become difficult and uncomfortable to be in. Typically, I see this card appear when somebody is deciding whether or not to leave their jobs, partners, or to abandon something they care deeply about.

    This card never indicates a resolution to that assessment process. Simply that the person is undergoing that assessment process. Confusion and uncertainty are dominant. Again, this card does not indicate rationally working out what to do next as their is an absence of thought. Much like the 7 of Cups, it is better to coast along for a while until the confusion passes.

    Like anything, once we have more cards on the table, we know where we stand.

  2. The interesting thing about this card is at the time of its influence, we (or the client) believe we have made an informed choice; and indeed we may well have given a lot of thought to the process of leaving behind the thing we care deeply about. But we are in the realm of the Cups and so, as you rightly say, rationality hasn’t really played a big part in our decision making process. It’s a situation where we would one day look back at this time and realise we made the wrong call, or we left for all the wrong reasons.

    Insightful as ever Douglas, thanks for adding to our Tarot Library 🙂


  3. Leaving aside the Golden Dawn method of timing with the decanates , do you find that all the numbers equate to time periods, days, weeks and months? I tend to follow the astrology more for timing, so it’s an interesting point you’ve raised.

    And yes Douglas, insightful 🙂


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  5. if i pick 2 of cups as Crossing card along with Strength as near future + 6 of cups as outcome. I assume that a friendship or relationship will be stronger..or a friendship turns out to be romantic involvement !strong)
    This crossing card issue in CC gives me hard time.
    Anyway,does it make a sense or what else i should pay attention

    1. Hi Esra,

      It wouldn’t be wise to assume the nature of a reading based on only some of the cards. While they are nice by their natures, a crossing card is seen as a force that is obstructing so it turns the rather lovely 2 of Cups into an issue of friendship/love. You must look at all of the cards to determine whether the situation turns out to be favourable.


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