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This site is all about you learning tarot for yourself, to help you find your own answers and understand yourself and your life better. There are times in life though, when you need some outside help, when you’re too close to your problems to see things clearly and need another perspective. I have some good news for you – I can help!

Booking a tarot reading with me can help you cut through the fog to clarify your options and help you make better choices.

How I Work

I play to my strengths, and in this case, that means I do consultations through email. I get absorbed in the cards and find hidden and deeper meanings when time is not of the essence.

I write well. My body of work on this site may well have been the reason you’ve chosen me to help you. I write clearly and will spend as long as it takes to make sure everything apparent in your reading has been translated to you in a way that you will connect with.

I am pro-active and solutions focused. That means I look on the bright side of life, especially when the chips are down. When you come for a reading it’s because you have a problem. A problem needs a solution and that will only come when you can see clearly and have the right mindset to achieve it. I bring that mindset to the reading and help you find your solution and improve your life.

They say laughter is contagious. So is positivity. And I give you that for free.

What I won’t do is straight up predictions. You’ll never hear me talking about tall, dark strangers entering your life in May, or whenever. Life is not set in stone and I don’t believe in pre-determinism. You make your own way in this world and I want to help you do it with focus and purpose.

If you have a pre-existing problem you would like help with, then choose whether you want an overview of your situation and best options so you can figure things out for yourself, or whether you want a more thorough reading that will give you more guided assistance. As in life, the choice is yours.

Tarot Spread Options

I use the 3-2-1 Tarot Spread for the One Question Overview option and the Celtic Cross for the One Question In Depth Option. There are a number of highly effective tarot spreads posted on this site, most of them homegrown so I can vouch for their efficacy. Below is a list of tarot spreads with tarot readings available. You can also use the sales boxes in the sidebars to give you a little more information about each spread and reading, or click the images to see the original posts and how the spreads work with readings.

Predictive Tarot Spreads

Spiritual & Soul Seeking

The Tarot and Your Future

Tarot and Life Coaching is a unique marriage of systems. We cannot always see what needs to be done in order to move forward in life. We are often blinded by our fears without really knowing where they come from or how to alleviate them. When we cannot see too well, we use a magnifying lense to help us see better. And this is where tarot can become a fabulous tool in our quest to achieve our goals and live better lives. The following pre-defined tarot readings use Life Coaching and NLP models. They are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve your life.

Tarot Deck Options

I work with a number of decks, but my favourites for reading are the DruidCraft Tarot, The Rider Waite-Smith (Universal mostly but also the Radiant and the New Vision for a different persepective) and the Thoth Tarot. Some decks work really well in certain situations. Affirmations of the Everyday Goddess is a good partner to the Soul Journey Tarot Reading if you’re looking for more of a spiritual angle to the reading. I recently did this reading again for myself and used the DruidCraft and it was excellent. The Lovers Tarot by Jane Lyle is good for love readings, particularly if the love interest isn’t quite in your life yet… Other decks I like and am comfortable working with include:

  • Medieval Enchantment Tarot (also known as the Nigel Jackson Tarot)
  • Quest Tarot by Joseph Martin
  • Gaian Tarot by Joann Powell Colbert
  • Tarot Roots of Asia (a Buddhist deck but useful in spiritual readings)
  • Cosmic Tarot by Norbet Losche
  • Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun
  • Crystal Visions Tarot by Jennifer Glasso

What Happens Next?

If you’ve decided to buy a reading from me – well done! You’ve just made an important decision to invest in yourself and your future. You’re awesome.

Buy the reading of your choice and go through the payment process. Email me your question and I will deliver your reading within 48 hrs (please allow for time zone differences).

If you’ve chosen one of the pre-defined life coaching readings, be sure to email me with the details of the goal you’re looking to achieve so I can tailor your reading appropriately.

It’s up to you how specific you want to be with outlining your situation. However, it’s necessary to note that I don’t’ claim to be psychic. I use my intuition and knowledge of tarot to produce your reading. We can save my time and your money by working together from the outset, particularly with any of the life coaching spreads – I can help you achieve your goals more effectively if you share them with me.

Your tarot reading will be delivered to your inbox within 48 hours. It will be presented as a PDF file with a cover, the spread details, the cards drawn, a graphic of the cards in the spread layout and of course, your reading. This makes for a nice presentation, particularly if you want to print a copy of your reading.

If you have any further questions ahead of buying a reading, please feel free to contact me directly with your concerns.

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I can’t wait to work with you!


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