Did you change your mind?

I’m sorry that you have decided to cancel. While you no doubt have very good reasons for this, please allow me to outline some important points that may help you reconsider.

You came here for a reason – to seek clarity with a situation that is troubling you, or to see what’s ahead of you. Those things won’t change by morning. You will still be facing those tough decisions, and you will still be experiencing a lack of clarity.

It’s not always possible to discuss our problems with those closest to us. We may experience all sorts of negative feelings during difficult times, feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt.. The modern world demands that we know how to deal with every situation, that we are successful in life. When things go wrong, or not to plan, we often want to hide this from those closest to us.

A tarot reading or numerology report can help you uncover the path ahead. It can bring clarity, insight and show you options and possibilities you may not have been aware of. You owe it to yourself to live your best life. That can start right here. Just click the link to go back to the Book a Reading page, or the Numerology Report page and make your choice.

Alternatively, if you would just like to chat ahead of deciding to book a reading or order a report, use the contact form below to outline your issues and I will do my best to help you arrive at your decision – the right one for you. This applies also if you were considering mentoring or tuition. Let’s chat and see what we can do together.



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