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Exploring Your Chronic Illness Through Tarot

In this post I show you how to explore your chronic illness (or situation) using free association, intuitive tarot reading, thinking outside of the box and using tarot questions instead of a positional tarot spread.

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tarot timing ebook covers

With new & expanded sections:

  • astrology
  • four elements
  • kabbalah
  • double element court system
  • 14 colour tables
  • personality profiling
  • + more

Screen & print versions / instant download / 45 pages

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Learn Tarot for Yourself

Tarot Lessons & Coaching

Learn how to read tarot for yourself and others, elemental dignities, card counting and more

Book A Tarot Reading

Get clarity in your life right now with a proactive tarot reading that shows you choices, options & a way forward

Tarot Card Meanings

Begin your tarot studies with the cards themselves – keywords, correspondences and deeper meanings

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Free Tarot Tutorials

elemental dignities icon

Elemental Dignities Tutorials

Learn how the elements interact & can inform your tarot readings.

timing events icon

Timing, Tarot & Astrology

Learn traditional & Golden Dawn methods to accurately time events in your tarot readings.

major arcana icon

The Fool’s Journey

Journey through the Major Arcana exploring the Fool’s Journey.

tarot card counting icon

Tarot Card Counting

Learn how to read tarot using the card counting technique, including directional dignities.

celtic cross spread icon

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Learn to read the world’s most famous tarot spread in 4 easy posts.

hebrew letters icon

Hebrew for Tarot Readers

Learn about the Hebrew aleph-bet & the Tarot de Marseille in 4 fabulous posts.

Answering Yes No Questions Using Tarot

yes no tarot icon image

Learn a simple way to obtain a Yes or No answer from the tarot, how to include a time frame & how to ask an effective question.

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