Mentoring & Teaching Services

I provide a lot of free resources on this site to help you learn tarot for yourself. Sometimes though, you need an extra helping hand, someone to guide you, to ask questions, and to show you how a particular technique works.

That’s where I come in.

As your guide, teacher or mentor, I can help you with your tarot learning goals.

Some areas that you may want help with include:

  • Learning how to read the Celtic Cross Spread
  • Learning how to use the Tarot Card Counting Technique
  • Learning the mechanics of using Elemental Dignities in your tarot readings
  • How to obtain a yes or no answer from tarot
  • How to read three card spreads.

We can also think outside of the box and use the your mentoring time more creatively:

  • I can check a tarot reading you have done for yourself to help you glean more information from your layout
  • Work with you on a new spread of your choice, or help you create a custom spread
  • If you are a WordPress blogger, I can help you with post planning, image creation and general blogging help
  • And hey, if you just want to talk tarot, we can do that too. Whatever your questions, hit me with them and let’s see where we go.

So as you can see, tarot teaching and mentoring depends entirely on you and your requirements. Whatever they are, I can help.

And better still, I can do this for a value price to help you on your way.

One hour costs just £30 and for that we will pre-arrange your session, determine what you need and get the most out of our time together.

Of course you can contact me with your requirements ahead of booking your time with me, to get a feel for how we gel together and of course, how well I can help you.

Drop me a line in the contact form below and we can take it from there.

This contact form is private and your entry will only be seen by me.