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Aside from tarot, numerology is one of my favourite divination systems. It equally allows for flexibility and precision in determining number values and their interpretation.

Most numerology can trace its roots back to Pythagoras, and in the ensuing 2,600 years, his discoveries, thoughts and beliefs about numbers, their values and meanings has been blended by cultures, nations and bright minds. What we have today in many ways is a smorgasbord of those changes, rightly or wrongly. What we do have is a sensible system and one that works.

Numbers have long held a fascination in my mind and I have always been obsessed with the numbers that seem to infiltrate my life from the day of my birth, a 7, to my life path number, an 11/2, to the repeating numbers I see around me all the time – currently 3 and 11.

I’m fascinated in how numbers can intermingle with each other and change into something new, providing new meanings and insight. As a term of endearment, my mother and late grandfather both called me Kate. And I realised one day when I was having a chat to myself that I did this also. I identified Kate as my inner child and so for a time, I used this as my name. Of course it changed my numerology and amazingly, it also changed me. The difficult period I was experiencing became easier to deal with and before I knew it, peace was restored and life resumed as normal.

Divorced women may also identify with this change if they revert to their maiden names – a return to their former selves is often seen and perhaps written off by some as a period of letting off steam. Having also experienced this, I can see it was a change of energy within me and around me.

Numerology can tell us a lot about ourselves, from our personalities to our preferences and actions that we haven’t always been able to identify or understand. It is also an excellent tool for identifying time periods that work well for business, moving, starting a new job, or, not, as the case may be. It is also an excellent tool for comparing two people’s number profiles to gain a sense of their compatibility.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to numerology reports and below is a list of choices for paid reports that I offer to my readers. These are computer generated reports using the Hans Decoz professional numerology software and are licensed for professional use, so you can be rest assured that your report(s) are legal, professional as well as excellent quality and value. They are not instant delivery. I personally input your information into the software and also format your reports to look more attractive on screen and on paper also, should you choose to print them. The PDF versions are fully bookmarked so you can easily flip through the document instead of spending an age scrolling through what are often lots of pages of information (the personality profile with yearly and monthly forecast is often 70 pages or more). This is a feature I add in personally and is one you don’t normally see from other numerology report sellers*.

If you are ready to buy one or more of these reports, the quick links in the sidebar will take you directly to Paypal allowing you to check out directly and ensuring a quicker process. If however, you want to read more about the individual reports, just click on the read more links below for more information. There are also buy now buttons on each of these pages.

Personality Profiles

Options include the Single profile for £15, or add a one year forecast including monthly cycles for £20, saving £5. Read more..

Relationship Compatibility

Discover the potential between two people, romantic or platonic, professional, business or otherwise for £20, or add a one year forecast including monthly cycles for £25, saving £5. Read more..


This is a one year summary plus month by month breakdown for £10. Read more..

Email me directly with your full birth name, including any middle names; the name you are known by now** and your date of birth. Please spell out the name of the month.


I take your privacy seriously and will only use your email address to contact you and never use it for any other purpose. Your email address will not be stored on my web server. For further information, please read my Privacy Policy.

*Hand written by Hans Decoz, hand prepared by Catherine Chapman

**You may have a shortened first name, or are married with a different surname. It is important to provide both.

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