Relationship Compatibility Reports

When two people come together, a new energy is created. This new dynamic is often vibrant at first, fresh and exciting. Time will tell how it will develop, but we don’t have to wait to discover where the differences that can cause problems come from. A Relationship Compatibility Report will show the strengths as well as the weaknesses in the relationship, which makes this report invaluable when you consider the breadth of its application.

Not just for romantic relationships, this report is written in an encompassing but neutral style so it can apply to all types of relationships – parental, familial, business, professional, friends – the list goes on and on.

While the Personality Profile goes very deeply into a person’s numerology, the Relationship Compatibility Report focuses on the core traits including:

  • Introduction
  • Life Path
  • Expression
  • Heart’s Desire
  • Personality

The numerology of each person is reported individually then a third summary is written showing how these two numbers interact and how it may affect the people in the relationship. This aspect makes the report unique and particularly valuable when you consider that not all numbers show an easy path. Advice is given showing how trouble can be averted.

Relationship Compatibility Report – £20

If you have chosen to add a yearly forecast to your profile then in addition to the above you will also receive a summary for the year you have chosen, and if the start date of the year is not January, you will receive a summary for the start and finish year.

The monthly cycles included are twelve and run from the month coming, or whichever one you specify.

Again, compatibility between the two people, their numerology and the months and year(s) makes this an exceptional report and one you shouldn’t pass up.

Relationship Compatibility Report with One Year Forecast – £25

At around fifty pages, the PDF you will receive will be fully bookmarked so you can easily flit between the sidebar links and the document itself, finding what you need quickly and easily. When you consider the depth of information in these reports, as laid out below, you will see the huge benefit to being able to navigate your important document this way.

Email me directly with your full birth name, including any middle names; the name you are known by now* and your date of birth. Please spell out the name of the month.


I take your privacy seriously and will only use your email address to contact you and never use it for any other purpose. Your email address will not be stored on my web server. For further information, please read my Privacy Policy.

*You may have a shortened first name, or are married with a different surname. It is important to provide both.

Hand written by Hans Decoz, hand prepared by Catherine Chapman

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