If you’re looking to go deeper in your tarot journey, through exploring the cards further, how to use them more effectively and practice techniques with support directly from me, Tarot Elements Premium is your dream ticket. New content every day, every week and every month, designed for you and on the topics you want to focus on.

All content is available at Patreon and here in its own section so you may find what you are looking for more easily.

Premium Content

£10 per month, includes all content below plus the Daily Tarot Card Combination Practice

extended card meanings

Deeper explorations into the cards & other systems around them.

Lessons & Exercises

Innovative ways to help you get the most from your cards.


Explanations of unfamiliar terms covering all subjects in and around tarot.


Articles to help you get the most from your Patreon posts & other tarot musings.

Daily tarot card combination practice

£5 per month

daily tarot card combination practice

The Daily Tarot Card shared across social media is give the full Tarot Elements treatment by adding two extra cards and reading this new triad using elemental dignities, card pairing and card combinations. It is also given the intuitive touch by using visual cues including directional dignities.

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