Daily Tarot Card Combination Practice

Daily Combo Cards Represented by the Elements Through the Aces

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The Daily Tarot Card shared across social media is given the full Tarot Elements treatment by adding two extra cards and reading this new triad using elemental dignities, card pairing, card combinations and numerology. It is also given the intuitive touch by using visual cues including colour, symbolism, repeating patterns, directional dignities and whatever else catches my eye.

They are full summaries with full colour images of the cards drawn, but are deliberately not exhaustive so you can add your own take to the reading based on what comes to you at the time. You can do this in the comments section or in your own tarot journal.

A Daily Tarot Lesson

The Daily Tarot Card Combination Practice is more than a daily look at the day (or week) ahead. They are an opportunity to practice reading tarot in small groups of cards that are manageable for tarot lovers of every level. They are a daily tarot lesson that are easy to follow and engage with.

There is no quicker way to learn tarot than actually reading the cards. The Daily Tarot Card Combination Practice is a daily masterclass that can elevate your tarot reading whether you want to include elemental dignities or not. There are so many layers to reveal that you can take or leave any layer you like. They are totally flexible and designed to help you become a better tarot reader whether that’s to read for others, or just for yourself. It’s your choice, always.

They are posted five days per week, Monday to Friday, around 12pm British Summer Time/Greenwich Mean Time.

Tarot Decks Used

Decks that work well with card combinations & elemental dignities

Cosmic Tarot

Thoth Based Decks

  • Thoth Tarot
  • Rosetta Tarot
  • Urban Tarot
  • Cosmic Tarot
Thelema Tarot

Rider Based Decks

  • Rider Waite-Smith
  • Thelema Tarot
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Revelations Tarot
DruidCraft Tarot

Hydrid Decks

  • DruidCraft Tarot
  • Star Tarot
  • Lo Scarabeo Tarot
Gaian Tarot

Themed Decks

  • Gaian Tarot
  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot
  • Mythic Tarot

sneak peek

take a look at a previous daily card entry

Daily Tarot from 15th July, 2021 featuring the Urban Tarot

Practice & technique guide

For those of you already signed up, please read the Practice and Technique Guides to help you get the most from these daily cards:

daily Reading Guide

Get the most from your daily practice

tarot card Pairing

Quick guide to tarot card pairing

Elemental dignities

Quick guide to elemental dignities

court card titles

Quick guide to different court card titles

court card elements

Quick guide to the double element court system


Quick guide to…
New guide coming soon

Daily Tarot Card Combination practice


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