Daily Tarot – 15th July, 2021

daily tarot reading princess of cups, 6 of swords 7 strength from the urban tarot by robin scott
Daily Tarot with the Urban Tarot by Robin Scott

Sneak Peek: This Daily Tarot Card Combination Practice entry is free for everyone to see what details are included and how deep we go with the layers of techniques and meanings.

Single Card Draw on Social Media:

6 of Swords: You are about to embark on a journey from an unsafe place, an unfulfilling job or an unsatisfactory r/ship. This is not an emotional reaction but a well thought out, logical response to a situation you can no longer ignore

Daily Tarot Card Combination

Princess of Cups6 of SwordsStrength 

Creativity – Logic – Strength of Character

*Begin with the middle card, the 6 of Swords then interpret the cards either side as modifiers. The 6 of Swords is the first card I drew and is the one that I posted on social media*

Deck Used: Urban Tarot*

Lift yourself out of a hole today with creative logic and the strength of character required to know you are doing the right thing. Don’t second-guess yourself. Thinking things through with cold hard logic, then applying creative solutions is how you will overcome any obstacle that stands in your way today. Creative solutions to logical problems that elevate your status. 

Elemental Dignities

Water – Air – Fire

Water and air are neutral to each other – water is passive, air is active, so there is movement but, in this configuration, water is acting on air and so it can drown any attempt by air to elevate itself. With the Princess of Cups as the water card, she is taking less note of the 6 of Swords because she becomes so engrossed in what she’s doing, and here she is being creative as well as actually creating.

Air and fire are friendly to each other and despite what the other is doing, both are in support of it. Strength is acting on the 6 of Swords and here reminding it that warmth is an essential ingredient to humanise its thinking.

Water and fire are inimical to each other and so do not get along at all. Water can put out the fire and fire can evaporate the water. Thankfully another card is between them and in this triad, priority is given to the fire card because air and fire strengthen each other. The princess is not ignored completely, her contribution is also essential here, but it must not be allowed to overwhelm the plans of the six – it is, after all, trying to change the situation and emotional turmoil is one of the things it’s trying to overcome.

It is important to mention the Golden Dawn’s double element system with the court cards. I will write about this more fully but for now, know that they applied the element of the suit and an element to the rank of the court card. This is rooted in Kabbala and the Tree of Life. The elemental rank of the pages/princesses is earth and so we would say she is water of earth. This small amount of earth provides a little grounding to the princess and what she is doing – here offering creative solutions the change sought by the six, overseen by Strength. So, this triad does actually contain all four elements, just not in equal amounts, and is more effective because of the Princess. Had this been a non-court card, we wouldn’t be able to say that.

Card Pairing

Princess of Cups & 6 of Swords – Creativity rooted in science. Creative solutions to logistic problems. Thinking outside of the box. Hand drawn plans/blueprints. Creative writing. Covert plans.

6 of Swords & Strength – Objective truth. Having the courage of your convictions. Overriding personal needs to do the right thing. Taking one for the team. Putting the needs of others ahead of your own. Facing adversity. Overcoming adversity. Leading by example.

Princess of Cups & Strength – Emotional intelligence. Emotional maturity. Facing difficulty in your personal life and overcoming it. Animal rescue. Standing up to be counted.


11 – 6 – 11**

From Numerology of the Minor Arcana:

6: Movement, balance, solutions, harmony, healing, empathy.

11 is the natural number for the pages/princesses if we follow the numbers of the Minor Arcana sequentially. As a Master Number – the Inspiration, we would not normally reduce it further. And, as we already have another eleven in the triad, it seems fitting to keep it as is. Two 11s create 22 – another Master Number – the Master Builder, and so lots can be accomplished with this pairing.

This addition gives us the following:

11 + 6 + 11 = 28

2 + 8 = 10 – the Wheel and tens – change and completion simultaneously, which seems apt for this triad.

1 + 0 = 1 – the Magician and aces – change brought about by crafting or manipulation of the elements/suits.

What happens when we reduce our elevens though and gain the totality of the triad that way?

2 + 6 + 2 = 10 – the Wheel and the Magician – confirmation that change is certain, and we are the masters of that change.

If you would like to play a little more, 6 is also the number of the Lovers – a card of choices and important decisions as well as love. If we add the two 11s together as master numbers – 22, then reduce that, the Master Builder, we have 4 – the Emperor – an actual builder.

2 is the number of the High Priestess – uncovering hidden or unconscious truths and/or desires (cards depending).

So, what do we have? Deciding (Lovers) we want to change (Wheel) a situation (6 of Swords). Uncovering (High Priestess) creative ways (Princess of Cups) to do that and standing firm in our choice when others may disagree (Strength + Emperor). Creating that change in real life and building upon it (Emperor).

**The Urban Tarot is a Thoth Based deck and as such Strength is numbered 11 and Justice/Adjustment is numbered 8. Had we used a different deck, this would have changed the numerology somewhat and shows that what deck you use for your reading matters. What you are drawn to use is the right deck for you, for the reading you are about to perform.

Intuitive & Other Insights

The 6 of Swords in the Urban Tarot has a heart at its centre so our decisions and choices to change come from the heart. As the swords are pointing inwards towards the heart, it must be sacrificed in order to complete the task. This is the overcoming of emotional thinking. To me, this looks to liberate the Princess. Without her often overemotional nature, she is free to express herself happily and comfortably in the presence of others who have an opposite nature to hers. The Strength card here looks matriarchal to me and is perhaps one who may raise an eyebrow to what may often look like irrational actions that cause repeated damage to everyone around her. Strength asks the Princess to employ self-control and that she can take her cue and lesson from the 6 of Swords. Strength is about improving the self through strengthening the character and here she is offering an elevation in status through the creative solutions required to make those changes. 

What does this Daily Tarot Card Combination say to you?

Remember, you can just read the combo without elemental dignities or card pairing – they are add-ons – start where you feel comfortable. Use your own deck to draw these cards and see if they say something different to you. Consider how the original interpretation may be adjusted or modified after extra information is discovered through card pairing.

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