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There are many ways to interpret tarot card meanings and indeed, you will find many tarot decks and books with their own unique flavour. My own tarot card meanings are influenced by the Rider Waite Smith and the Crowley Harris Thoth tarot decks, and the writers and commentators who have interpreted an often arcane language into a modern and accessible lexicon of divinatory definitions.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Major Arcana

Our exploration of the tarot will begin with the Major Arcana, the group of tarot cards revered by all and often misunderstood by many. Tarot card meanings for the Major Arcana usually denote spiritual and higher moral themes that can seem difficult to apply to your own life. This doesn’t have to be so. Each tarot card can have a multitude of meanings, deep and mundane, but as you will see, each can easily be applied to your life and situation with a little understanding and practice.
Journey Through the Major Arcana is a guest post series by Bonnie Cehovet and looks at the higher themes of these cards. It is an excellent resource to complement your learning of the tarot. As well as exploring the progression of life through the aajor arcana, this series presents deeper, more spiritually attuned tarot card meanings for you to learn and enjoy.

Tarot Card Meanings for the Minor Arcana

As the major arcana deals with the progression through life, the minor arcana of the tarot deal with the details. Although not the only way to see the four suits of the tarot, my favourite way is through the four elements of nature, namely: fire, water, air and earth.
We begin our exploration of the Minor Arcana tarot card meanings through those classical four elements, beginning with how they relate to the four tarot suits with Elements and Aces. It is here we will explore the different elements and their relationship to the aces, and then of course, the aces in their own right.
Looking at the Numerology of the Minor Arcana first, and how the numbers themselves can be seen as universal, we will then progress onto the individual suits: the fiery Wands, the watery Cups, the airy Swords and of course the earthy Pentacles.

Tarot Card Meanings and the Tarot Court Cards

Moving onto the tarot court cards, I feel it’s important to display them in a peer group setting for ease of comparison. Using the two main decks to illustrate the different characters that can be found at court, the Rider Waite-Smith and the Thoth Tarot, we will begin with the youngest members at court, the pages and princesses; we will then be moving onto the dashing knights and princes. After spending some time with the gracious queens, we will finalise our exploration at court by meeting the kings and knights.

Correspondence Tables

Major Arcana Correspondences and Minor Arcana Correspondences are colour coded tables to help you see the patterns and anomolies within these groups of cards. They are colour coded to show the elemental associations to help you embed this information for deeper learning, and of course, if you are learning to use elemental dignities in your readings. Also listed are the numerological and astrological associations, as well as timing, card counting values and yes no tarot listings.
A separate post, Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology, goes much deeper in explaining how to derive timing from each tarot card in the deck using Traditional Tarot Timing and the complex astrological model by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Also colour coded, the post uses no less than seven tables to show the development of the system in an easy to understand tutorial.

How to Develop Your Own Tarot Card Meanings

Take the time to get to know your deck intimately, become friends with it, share your secrets and let it guide you to a new tomorrow. With each new insight, each new thing you discover about a card, jot it down in your tarot journal so you can begin to build your own personal tarot card meanings.
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  1. I’m a beginner and your blog is just perfect. Thank you for taking the time to post all this here and make it accessible for us.

  2. I am started a few months ago on my tarot journey. Although I am feeling really excited about it I am also a bit overwhelmed by all there is to learn. I have been through so much in my life and I find with the little experience with learning I have so far is helping me to ground myself and look deeper into my own being. Your blog is so inspiring and I am so grateful that you are willing to share your knowledge and wisdom with us. Cheers!

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