Queen of Cups

queen of cupsElement: Water

Timing: Jun 11 – Jul 11

Numerical value: 13

Card Counting Value: 4


As People:
A sensitive and quiet woman; gifted with artistic abilities; gentle and demure; almost certainly psychic, and at the least highly intuitive; graceful and stylish; very loving and giving of herself; a good listener, perhaps a counsellor to many; a seeker of inner transformations and consciousness.

As Events:
Success in creative projects; consulting a psychic or spiritual advisor; approaching motherhood, or grand-motherhood; meeting with a counsellor or therapist; embarking on a creative but gentle hobby; a period of intense and prophetic dreams; redecorating your home; meditating and channelling.

As Inner Processes:
Exploring consciousness and spirituality; getting in touch with your feminine side; developing intuition and psychism; learning to open your third eye; acknowledging your emotions and feelings; embarking on spiritual pursuits; daydreaming; being subjective.

The Queen of Cups as a Daily Tarot Card

The Queen of Cups, that most beautiful and etheric of tarot queens, brings forth the most soothing of energies today.

Serene, graceful and dignified, she offers nurturing on every level. She is gently spoken and gentle in her approach and despite the gifts she brings, she asks only one thing of you in this beautiful exchange – receptivity.

There are always many gifts, solutions, surprises and answers available to us at any one time. We often miss them because we’re not open to receiving them.

Like the healing offered by the Star card yesterday, the purification, cleansing and healing can only come to you if you open yourself to receive it.

And so this is your only task for today, be open to receive the gifts that the Universe is waiting to bestow upon you.

Through the Queen of Cups, the healing begun yesterday is now ready to move to a deeper, more nurturing level.

That is one gift you should accept.

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