The Chariot

drive ~ willpower ~ confidence

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Chariot Card

Cancer / June 21-22
Numerologically related to
16 – the Tower
Card Counting Value
12 – Zodiacal Trump
Yes/No Question

Keywords: Drive, will power, direction, ambition, confidence, victory, success, a journey, transportation, success with little or no support, overcoming obstacles, triumph in the face of adversity, coming to the aid of another, mastering a skill, driving force, impetus, energy.

Reversed: scattered energy, lack of direction, taking the long way round, loss of will, drive & ambition, a cancelled journey or trip, a vehicle breaking down, needing the help of another.

As People: Horse riders/racers, equestrians, drivers, pilots, motor racers, bike racers, mechanics, car body technicians/artists, custom car technicians, vehicle designers, engineers.

The Chariot as a Daily Tarot Card

Triumph in the face of adversity.

There’s no better way to describe the energy and feeling for today.

The Chariot is a card of success through difficulties and trials. It highlights more than the will to succeed – it highlights the drive and ambition – your will in action.

And in the current climate – progress.

On a massive scale.

Whatever area of your life has been proving problematic, and despite no immediate sign of a let up, rest assured you have gathered enough strength to forge ahead and kick through those obstacles and find your way to success.

Higher energy levels, self-belief and the best mojo you’ve had in a long time, and the Universe on your side. This is what you can expect, if you’re not already experiencing it.

And that’s the thing with this particular progressive energy today. It’s happening – you’ll feel it and experience it.

How awesome.

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