The Empress

Tarot Card Meanings for the Empress

Keywords for the Empress
Nurturing, abundance, fertility, mothering, your mother, love, beauty, a businesswoman, mother earth, a multi-tasker, pregnancy, creativity, solving problems creatively, fulfilling your potential, a successful business or opportunity; social status.
The Empress Reversed
Laziness, creative and/or business stagnation, lack of co-ordination, wasting resources, financial difficulties, problems within the home, infertility, depression, laziness.
The Empress as People
Mothers, homemakers, boutique owner, beauty salon owner/worker, interior designer, humanitarian, retreat/spa owner, horticulturist, florist, caterers, hostesses.

Correspondences for the Empress

Timing is according to conditions
Related to 12, the Hanged Man, and 21, the World
Count9 – Planetary Trump

Timing Events With the Empress

As shown in my Major Arcana Correspondence chart, the Empress has no specific timing associated with it. This is common for the cards that have planetary associations and not zodiacal ones.
We look to the nature of the card for a clue regarding timing events with planetary and elemental tarot cards.
The Empress is productive, fertile, abundant and creative. There are many components that make up her character and contribute to her fecundity and in that spirit, timing relies less on dates and numbers and more on conditions being conducive to a successful outcome. We could say the Empress controls events until everything is in place to her satisfaction. Associated with Venus, she is sensuous and aware of every detail, no matter how large or small. Things will happen when they are conducive to success and not before.
For more specific timing, we can look at the association to Venus and Friday through the old English goddess, Frigg, and the Norse goddess, Freya.
Numerically, we have the number three which can indicate days, weeks, months and even years. As the Empress is elementally associated with earth, I would tend to go with the longer periods of time but who is to say the third Friday of the month is wrong? Timing is often a guide and can be wrong, but let your intuition guide you when it comes to drilling down with dates and the planetary trumps.

Posts Featuring the Empress

Seeing how a tarot card relates to life is a great way to learn tarot. The Empress is featured in my Daily Tarot Spread and the Soul Journey Tarot Spread. Both very different spreads, both providing very different readings but both featuring the same card – the Empress.
In the Gaian Tarot – An Interview With Joanna Powell Colbert, you can see how the Empress is aligned with Gaia as earth mother and in Free Online Tarot Readings – Do They Work? you can see another’s interpretation of the Empress that comes from a slightly different angle.

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