Queen of Pentacles

queen of pentaclesElement: Earth
Numerical Value: 13
Card Counting Value: 4
Timing: Dec 13 – Jan 9
As People: A Mother Earth type; practical and dexterous; a natural homemaker; has an affinity with nature and gardening; an amazing multi-tasker; often a manager or businesswoman; sensual with an eye for aesthetics; organised and reliable; often into health and exercise, not always their own; nurtures and protects; is very perceptive.
As Events: Financial success with a project or business plan; expansion of business plans, promotion; changing jobs or career direction; entering into practical hobbies; going to exercise classes; redesigning your garden or home; family gatherings and good times; increase in income and abundance.
As Inner Processes: An increase in awareness; a need to take care and nurture yourself; inner replenishment; counting your blessings; learning to love yourself; a need to reconnect with nature; grounding yourself; self-acceptance; meditating and journeying.

The Queen of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Card

The Mother of Stones is a wonderful adaptation of the Queen of Pentacles. She asks us to consider all possibilities, herself being a big picture thinker.
Seeing her presence is a wonderful reward for the end of a tough week. She brings with her opportunities, prosperity, abundance and luxury.
She also brings a serenity and understanding that sees these things as gifts of value, not merely ‘things for today’.
You can expect things to flow easier today, though any work you may have to do will still require you to put in lots of effort – she is an earth mother after all.
You can rest assured though that you will take that in your stride as your hard work pays off.
The gold coins falling from the sky is a wonderful indicator of success, prosperity and money.
If you’re owed any money, you may see it returned over the weekend. Any jobs or contracts you’ve put in for, or are working on today have a green light for go and carry with them the halo of success worn by this intuitive, perceptive and hard working Mother of Stones.
The numbers 2, 4, 6 & 12 are lucky today so buy a lottery ticket and take a chance. Be productive. But most of all – use your perception and intuition so you can also see the big picture and where your gifts of value will come from.
Abundance is rife today. How will you enjoy yours?

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