Tarot Suit of Swords

Tarot Card Meanings for Suit of Swords

Within tarot card meanings, the tarot suit of swords represent logic, the mind and your thoughts. They deal with problems and troubles, planning, communication, ideas, your intellect and how you use it. They represent your daily and life struggles, problems in general. The very nature of a sword is aggressive and warlike. Combined with the swiftness of air, the combination can see situations arise quickly. The ability to see clearly means resolution is quick also. Swords people are great thinkers. You will find them in study, research, academia, the sciences, law courts and libraries. They love to learn and live to do it in any capacity.

Keywords for the Suit of Swords
Decisions, worries, problems, issues, tension, communication, intelligence, disagreements; arguments, logic, reason, cognition, ideas, inspirations, balance, equilibrium, the mind, mentalism, thinking, facts and figures, definition.
Reversed Keywords
Vicious, ruthless, manipulative, cold, unemotional, spite and malice, accidents, inertia, indecision, confusion, mental blockages, biased, illogical, mental health issues, negative life changes.

Tarot Card Meanings for the Individual Cards from the Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords
Represents the creative idea; the sword of truth; gaining clarity; a brilliant idea; justice; mental strength; divine inspiration; quickfire thoughts and ideas. Learn more about the Ace of Swords
2 of Swords
Balance and harmony; inner peace; calmness; agreement; compromise; meditation. Learn more about the 2 of Swords
3 of Swords
Grief; heartbreak; emotional pain; a parting or ending of a relationship; troubles ahead; emotional disturbance; mental anguish. Learn more about the 3 of Swords
4 of Swords
Calling a truce; rest; concord; a pact; agreement; synchronicity; order; taking a break; reconsidering your position. Learn more about the 4 of Swords
5 of Swords
Defeatism; arguments; negativity; dissension; discord; troubles, disturbances; feeling defeated; feeling broken. Learn more about the 5 of Swords
6 of Swords
Mental clarity; ideas coming together; using logic to find the solution; using your intellect; an inner journey of discovery; an actual journey. Learn more about the 6 of Swords
7 of Swords
Feeling ineffectual; delusion; feeling inept; pessimism; subterfuge; theft; theft of ideas; mental procrastination. Learn more about the 7 of Swords
8 of Swords
Interference, internal or external; sheer bad luck; being held back; mental blockages; unforeseen obstructions; opposition. Learn more about the 8 of Swords
9 of Swords
Mental cruelty; verbal assault; worry; sleepless nights; self-harm; betrayal; suffering; despondency; a turn for the worse; anxiety. Learn more about the 9 of Swords
10 of Swords
Ruin; a sudden ending; feeling totally broken; grief; a negative outcome; depression; feeling crushed; the result of wrong choices. Learn more about the 10 of Swords
Page of Swords
A quick-witted and quick-minded youngster; analytical and a logical thinker; can be seen to be aloof, but is a keen observer; enjoys the written word and languages; a student. Learn more about the Page of Swords
Knight of Swords
Active; energetic; exacting; swiftness; sudden changes; assertive; mental agility; problem solving; being able to think on your feet; resolution; courageous; travel. Learn more about the Knight of Swords
Queen of Swords
An analytical and intelligent woman; quick-minded; a problem solver; clinical but not cold; likely to be highly educated or with an interest in continued education. Learn more about the Queen of Swords
King of Swords
A decision-maker, a judge or mediator; has a sharp mind and high intellect; found in many of the professional careers; lives by clear logic and fact. Learn more about the King of Swords

Further Tarot Study of the Suit of Swords

Correspondences for Swords as a Suit

Other NamesStaves, arrows, spades
AttrubutesActive, male; hot and wet
Astrological SignsGemini, Libra, Aquarius
SeasonPagan – Spring
Esoteric – Autumn
SelfMind, thoughts, intellect
Jungian FunctionThinking
Body PartHead
Qabbalistic WorldYetzirah – the Formative World

Correspondences for the Individual Tarot Cards from the Suit of Swords

To help you learn the associated correspondences for the tarot suit of Swords, see my colour coded minor arcana correspondence charts. They include the four elements, astrology, timing, numerology, card counting values and yes no tarot listings.
A separate post, Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology, goes much deeper in explaining how to derive timing from each tarot card in the deck using Traditional Tarot Timing and the complex astrological model by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Also colour coded, the post uses no less than seven tables to show the development of the system in an easy to understand tutorial.

Tarot Suit of Swords and the Element of Air

As one of the four elements, air is seen as the intellect, logic and reasoning. An active element, Air circulates and so cleanses; it carries your thoughts and dreams; is also expansive when hot and is said to be expressive. Your mind or thoughts can be seen as clear or clouded; speech requires breath, which requires air.

Minor Arcana Numerology

Numerology of the Minor Arcana is a concise explanation of the numbers 1 – 10 through the eyes of numerology, modern and ancient, and is designed to assist you in seeing patterns across the suits as well as see the value of using numerology with tarot.

Tarot Court Cards

This group are somewhat complex and require more than just a few keywords to see them expressed with any sense of completeness. I grouped them into their rank in the following posts:

How to Finally Conquer the Tarot Court Cards also shows you how to bring this tarot family alive in a way you can relate to.

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