6 of Swords

six of swordsElement: Air

Timing: Jan 30 – Feb 8. Mercury in Aquarius

Numerology: 6 – Movement, balance, solutions, harmony, healing, empathy.

Card Counting Value: 6

Keywords – Mental clarity; ideas coming together; using logic to find the solution; using your intellect; an inner journey of discovery; an actual journey; relocation; a period of calmness ahead.

Reversed: mental fog; not being able to figure out a solution; delayed travel; unsettled times ahead.

The Six of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

The 6 of Swords indicates a time of overcoming obstacles, pushing through barriers and finding success through tenacity.

By default, that indicates that obstacles and barriers are upon you.

Often misunderstood, this card carries many variations of its meaning. Are you relocating? Are you going on holiday? Or a short journey? Maybe.

What you can expect today though is to out-think the competition, through the use of your mind-tools, you will overcome any obstacle that is foolish enough to step into your world today.

Sometimes that includes moving away from the very thing that is causing you issues, leaving behind all that would seek to aggravate you and bring you down.

So movement, yes, but only because you applied logic to determine the best course of action and if that includes removing yourself from someone, somewhere or something, then so be it.

Your mind is a sharp as those swords today and your greatest ally and tool.

Use it wisely and use it well.

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