Personal Responsibility

Ok, I understand that can be read to mean my personal responsibility to you, but that would be in my code of ethics. This page is about you and your personal responsibility regarding your interaction with tarot.

In Asking an Effective Question, I present a list of topics and situations where I won’t use tarot. In essence, I will never tell you what to do or how to act. There may be times I suggest, through the nature of the card, passive action.

Is that not a contradiction in terms, I hear you say?

Perhaps, technically, if we want to be linguistically pedantic. But we don’t, so here’s what I mean.

If the card drawn suggests your conduct may have an influence on the outcome, I will relay this to you. Mostly, this is about modifying your behaviour and the language I use will reflect that. For example, you will see words such as: perhaps… it may be better at this time to… you might want to consider…

All suggesting and no telling.

This is because no matter what tarot may tell you, or anyone for that matter, ultimately, your decisions are yours and yours alone.

When you get a tarot reading, whether through me, another reader, in person, online, over the phone – whatever is discussed, the reading will end and you will be left with information. If the reading was about a specific situation that you feel requires your attention, it would be natural to want to want to act on it.

But this is where I would ask you to pause. And think.

When you buy a tarot reading, you buy information. It may be information regarding the future; it may be exploring an event. Either way, you have something you didn’t have before and it can give you itchy feet to act and if you do there will always be a response or reaction to your action. This is simple science.

So you must be aware that information from a tarot reader is not your green light to act. It’s just intelligence gathering. Once you’ve gathered your information, you can make an informed choice but please remember, the choice is always yours.

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