Hebrew Letters for Tarot Readers

One of the key systems that helped transform tarot into an esoteric device was the assimilation of the Hebrew Letters with the Major Arcana. This first appeared in the Tarot de Marseille. The Golden Dawn refined this system and changed some of the associations made by Eliphas Levi. This is the system most commonly in use today and it is this system that guest poster, Mick Frankel, presents to us in his excellent tutorial, Hebrew Letters for Tarot Readers.

Spread over four posts, this tutorial requires no formal knowledge of the Hebrew Letters. Mick skillfully takes you through the associations and pronunciations. In order to keep the information flowing and introductory, Mick inserts links to site with further information that you can access when you’re ready.

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Mick is a professional tarot reader, I-Ching reader, astrologer and dream interpreter. Please message him directly if you are interested in any of his services.

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