Angelic Protection Magick During Times of Crisis


Angelic Protection Magick is a wonderful way to help protect you in the world; you & your loved ones. Read about my favourite rituals, plus how & where you can access them so you can keep yourself safe and improve your life too.

Free Tarot Readings for Life, Love & Relationships


If you are looking for a free tarot reading and don’t know who or what site to trust, let me help you! I partnered with free reading website,, after I thoroughly road-tested it. I recommend this site above the others, read on to find out why.

Letting Go With the Hanged Man Ritual


Learn how to step into your best self by letting go of all that does not serve you anymore. My 2019 Hanged Man Ritual features detailed thoughts and expressions on the Hanged Man, the Sun and the Empress, as well as my personal New Year’s Eve ritual that you can use at home.