Tarot Journaling

It is the beginning of a new calendar year – an excellent time to talk about starting a journal. Journals can be dedicated to many purposes – what I am talking about here is creating a living picture, in words, of the coming year as you live it. This journal will be about you, as seen through the lens of the Tarot. Why do you want to do this? Is journaling a magic pill? Does your life go better if you journal?

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Pyramid


Like all of Nature, humans develop according to universal patterns or archetypal forces. We know this as the “urge” toward growth. As complex material and spiritual beings, that urge takes place, not only at the material level as we grow into adulthood, but also at the mental and spiritual levels. To say it another way, the growth of the mind, body, and spirit is a natural unfolding of our potential.

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Psychic Reading for the Terrified


“Cath, I’m telling you – you’re a medium. There’s spirits all around you trying to talk to you, you’re just not listening!” Jules insisted I do her a psychic reading. My first one. Ever. Find out what happened next.

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Ancestral Patterns of Life: The Tarot


Heal your family karma & past relationships with guest poster, Nikki Mackay’s, insight, experience in human relationships and of course, tarot. Use Nikki’s tarot spread to help you on your way to healing your family karma.

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