Tarot Suit of Wands Card Meanings

Learn card meanings for the suit of Wands & how their active, passionate & strong willed nature relates to your life. Astrology, numerology & correspondences.

The Suit of wands represent creativity, energy, passion and action. They cover your spiritual pursuits, your career and creative projects. Leadership, self-growth and general optimism are some traits of this suit. Careers are usually in business, they are leaders, entrepreneurial & sales focused. Wands people like to get ahead and are generally pro-active in all their activities. With an unrivalled healthy vitality, they are often accomplished sports people.

Keywords for the Suit of Wands
Intuition; creativity; vitality; sexuality; spirituality; vision; energetic; outgoing; impulsive; motivational; pro-active; spirit and spirited; optimistic; enterprise; commerce; business; careers; opportunities; the thrill of the chase; competitive; growth; personal development; inspirational; enthusiastic; sexual; passionate; action; movement; initiation.
Reversed Keywords
Rash; impetuous; ruthless; greedy; narrow-minded; hyperactive; brash; manipulative; conniving; mean-spirited; overly optimistic; risk takers; heartless; aggressive; selfish; misleading; sadistic; distrusting of others.

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Correspondences for Wands as a Suit

Other Names Batons, Staves, Rods, Clubs, Staffs, Scepters
Element Fire
Attrubutes Active, masculine; hot and dry
Astrological Signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Direction South
Season Pagan – Summer
Esoteric – Spring
Self Will, actions, desire
Jungian Function Intuition
Body Part Genitals
Qabbalistic World Atziluth – the Archetypal World

To help you learn the associated correspondences for the tarot suit of Wands, see my colour coded minor arcana correspondence charts. They include the four elements, astrology, timing, numerology, card counting values and yes no tarot listings.

A separate post, Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology, goes much deeper in explaining how to derive timing from each tarot card in the deck using Traditional Tarot Timing and the complex astrological model by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Also colour coded, the post uses no less than seven tables to show the development of the system in an easy to understand tutorial.

The Element of Fire and the Suit of Wands

As one of the four elements, fire is energy and action, passion, drive and ambition. An active element, it can cause permanent change; is expansive; can be aggressive; is pro-active and undeterred. The element of fire brings its active nature to the suit of Wands. It energizes the suit making it about doing, effort and tenacity.

Minor Arcana Numerology

Numerology of the Minor Arcana is a concise explanation of the numbers 1 – 10 through the eyes of numerology, modern and ancient, and is designed to assist you in seeing patterns across the suits as well as see the value of using numerology with tarot.

Tarot Court Cards

This group are somewhat complex and require more than just a few keywords to see them expressed with any sense of completeness. I grouped them into their rank in the following posts:

How to Finally Conquer the Tarot Court Cards also shows you how to bring this tarot family alive in a way you can relate to.

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