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What is tarot to you?

The answer will be different to each of us as we all have a different relationship with it.

When you get your first tarot deck, you experience a heady mix of excitement and inadequacy. In your hands lay the potential to discover your future; a means to discover yourself at the deepest level; a way to help you make the best decisions in your life.

You are also deeply aware that you haven’t got a clue what any of these cards mean. Your search takes you beyond the Little White Book that accompanies your first deck; through many other books to learn the meanings of each card – and the array of meanings for each card is mind blowing. You wonder how on earth you will make sense of it all, how you can relate to the cards personally.

You also arrive at a point when you realise that the tarot card meanings you have learnt, don’t always apply to you, and that there must be a way to relate to the cards that gives them meaning, to you.

Tarot Card Meanings is designed to help you learn the basic meanings and associations of the tarot. It will help you on your way to discovering the core meanings of each tarot card, but it cannot teach you everything.

For each card to become meaningful to you, it’s important for you to make your own discoveries and build on the ones that stand out to you here, and in your own quiet study sessions.

Take the time to get to know your deck intimately, become friends with it, share your secrets and let it guide you to a new tomorrow. With each new insight, each new thing you discover about a card, jot it down in your tarot journal so you can begin to build your own personal Tarot Card Meanings.

Why only keywords?

Why indeed. Quite simply because it’s the best way to learn the divinatory definitions of the cards; and it also allows room in your mind for development of your own tarot card meanings. What’s important to remember about keywords & definitions, is that they have been developed by many people over many, many years. They are in effect, a collective library of ideas and experiences. While it’s necessary to keep the core definitions intact throughout the cards and across the board, I feel it’s equally necessary and important for you to develop your own take on your tarot cards.

Keeping things slim lined and free from other people’s definitions allows you to layer your readings too. Tarot cards can have different meanings in different situations, so without tying up your tarot cards with specific divinatory definitions, you are allowing your tarot cards to really speak to you many times within the same reading and providing you with a rich and deep layering of interpretation. This is also the perfect way to allow your intuition and clairvoyance to develop.

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