How To Finally Conquer The Tarot Court Cards

For many years I was troubled by the Tarot Court Cards. I had trouble remembering them, their personalities and attributes. The bigger picture was missing for me, not to mention the finer details! I tried many methods in an effort to assist in my learning and remembering of them, but I had one fairly large hurdle to overcome – my memory! It’s just not up to speed, it doesn’t matter which way I look at it – I have a flaw!

All joking aside though, it has hindered me somewhat; though learning and memorising the rest of my tarot decks was easier for a couple of reasons:

  1. I was using the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot deck to learn Tarot, and as you’re no doubt aware, the Minor Arcana is illustrated – problem solved! I could free associate to my hearts content, read the symbols, use my intuition and still get it right, perfect.
  2. The Crowley Thoth contains keywords on its Tarot cards, another great visual aid that worked for the rest of the deck.

Those techniques were less effect for me with the Court Cards though, even trying to apply the elemental associations to them didn’t help at that early stage, and they continued to haunt me until I bought the Quest Tarot. It’s very close to the Thoth in that it has a different Court structure to the Rider Waite-Smith; the Quest Tarot keeps the female to male ratio of the Thoth, but takes things a little further by making the Court Cards into a regular family, complete with Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. It even has keywords on the Court Cards too – an immense help.

tarot court card family

That’s when the magic happened – right before my eyes with a light bulb flashing on and off in my head – I had the answer to finally understand and remember the Tarot Court Cards!

So what was the light bulb moment? The Quest Tarot shows a family – and I have one of those! I realised I could find the Father of Stones (King of Pentacles) in my own father – I actually knew enough people to link or associate them with a corresponding Tarot Court Card! This was getting easier by the minute and the more I thought about it, the more I kicked myself for not getting this sooner!

How To Remember The Tarot Court Cards

Court Card personalities are made up of many attributes, and they can get confusing. Once I put a face I recognised to a Tarot Court Card, I had begun to animate them in a way that brought them to life for me. The nuances between the attributes became less cloudy too, and to be honest, less important.

Tarot Court Card Family Kings ~ Father of Stones and Father of Swords

For example, my father is a Gemini sun, so he’s an Air sign, aligning him to the King of Swords. Only for me, my father is the King of Pentacles. He is a builder, and creator; he’s very much the patriarch of our family, taking care of each one of us in a very practical, pragmatic way. Yes, he’s a thinker and analyser, those Air traits are there to see, but the core of who he is belongs to Earth.

Now I had something to measure the King of Pentacles by, I broadened my horizons and found it was easy to look at the people in my life, family and friends, and analyse them and decide which Tarot Court Card they were.

All of the Court Cards came to life for me in this way, even down to the Pages of the Rider Waite-Smith deck as I know plenty of youngsters. I also found Thoth Princes and Princesses amongst the people I knew – exploring the Tarot Court Cards was now becoming a fun exercise instead of a laborious one!

Finding Your Own Tarot Court Card Family

Look at your immediate family first. Presuming you have the traditional family set up, assess your own father and decide which king he represents to you. You now know one of those kings intimately. Repeat this for your mother and siblings, being the people closest to you, their personalities will be very familiar to you and before you know it, you will have your own Tarot Court Card family, up close and personal.

Once you’re happy with assigning Tarot Court Cards to your nearest and dearest, progress the exercise to your extended family and friends. You’ll be surprised to discover how many people you actually know and before long you’ll be seeing Tarot Court Cards walking around everywhere! I even look at the general public now and assess what Tarot Court Card I think they represent.

Contradictory Attributes and Assessments

Earlier I told you that I see my father as the King of Pentacles and yet astrologically he’s an Air sign, Gemini, which should technically make him the King of Swords instead. In reality, he’s both of those kings, but because I have the benefit of knowing him, I can tip the scales in favour of the King of Pentacles.

Tarot Court Card Family Queens ~ Mother of Cups & Mother of Stones

My mother is no doubt the Queen of Pentacles, but she is also very Watery, and so she could easily be represented by the Queen of Cups and her Pisces sun sign confirms this, but she is also the epitome of a home maker, baking bread, making school play costumes, tending to home and garden in a way that comes so naturally and easily to her. I can also tip the scales in favour of the Queen of Pentacles because I know her so intimately and personally.

You wouldn’t have such a luxury during a Tarot reading. So how do we overcome this apparent contradiction?

In many ways we don’t. My father is still an Air sign and if I was doing a Tarot reading for him, or one that he showed up in, I might expect to see him as either King. The simple fact is that his astrological sun sign is only one element that makes up his personality. After all, your natal chart consists of more than your sun sign. So the King that turns up to represent a male in a Tarot reading can initially be assessed by the astrological sign associated with it. Depending on the spread, you may be able to glean more information about him from the surrounding cards. You could also pull separate, independent Tarot cards to enquire about his personality more deeply.

The point is you don’t need to worry about that at this time. The most important aspect is bringing the Tarot Court Cards to life in a way that you can relate to and understand. Rather like making a photographic collage consisting of The Tarot Court Cards and your family – once you can see what your Tarot Court Card family look like, you’ll be quickly on your way to knowing them personally, easily and with a lot more fun that sweating over correspondences and attributes that will slot into place a lot quicker once you can put a face to the name.

Tarot Court Card Family Queens ~ Mother of Swords & Mother of Wands

You can also explore the different personality types with one person. If we look at the example at my mother again, I concluded she is the Queen of Pentacles, but could also be the Queen of Cups. She is also very intelligent, with a quick mind – sound like the Queen of Swords? She is also hugely creative, with an energy unrivaled when fired up – the Queen of Wands? The fact is she can be all of those queens, so can I and so can you. Exploring her personality and comparing her with the Tarot Queens has enabled me to see at first hand, the attributes associated with them in a way I can relate to, bringing them and the rest of the Tarot Court Cards to life.

Learn More About Tarot Court Cards

When you are learning tarot, the court cards can be tricky to fully understand. This post goes a long way to help you see the human side of the court cards. To see the other attributes these cards carry, it’s useful to see them in their hierarchal groups. The following posts show the court cards as people, events and inner processses to help you see and learn the broad spectrum of meanings associated with this complex group of tarot personalities.

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The Quest Tarot is used with kind permission of its creator Joseph Ernest Martin.

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