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Minor Arcana Correspondences

Minor Arcana Correspondences

In Major Arcana Correspondences, I talked about the benefits of seeing tarot cards grouped together. This is also true of the minor arcana correspondences. The following tables clearly show sub-groupings, patterns and helpfully raises questions that you will seek the answers for. This self-directed learning is what really helps embed the information in your mind and becomes extremely valuable during live tarot readings, when your powers of recall are tested. Bookmark this page, and the Major Arcana Correspondences page for when you need to access vital information quickly, such as timing and astrology, or for answering a direct yes no question.

As a beginner, learning tarot card meanings can seem daunting but with the help of these tables, you can strip out the thoughts and opinions of tarot authors from websites and books, myself included, and focus on the core information. This way you can build your own tarot vocabulary and lexicon of personal meanings, unique to you.

Some of the information may not make sense to you initially. I generally follow the Golden Dawn correspondences for timing, and these are presented below. Two things that may stand out to you are likely to be the matching timing of the Aces and Pages, and the elemental associations of the court cards. For clarity, I have written about this in Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology.

Timing Using the Aces and Pages

In the Golden Dawn system, the aces are the root element of their suit and the Page is the vehicle in which the ace manifests. They really rule a specific area and so timing with either can be ignored. Sometimes the gods, or the Fates, or indeed the Universe does not deem it important for us to know the timing of an event so it makes sense that sometimes it is wise to not seek definitive timing. That said, I have listed the astrological signs associated with the quadrants of the areas that the aces and pages rule together. You can derive timing from these zodiac signs if you wish but equally ignore it. Be mindful that as a quadrant, the time period for each ace or page is three months and so other cards may be required to narrow down the timing of an event.

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The Elemental Association of the Court Cards

Using Qabbalah and the Tree of Life, the Golden Dawn determined very specific elemental associations for the tarot court cards. This is formed through the Tetragrammaton, but is not necessary to further into this system here. A very brief explanation of how the Page of Wands elementally is called earth of fire, or the Queen of Pentacles is called water of earth is to see that that each rank has its own elemental association.

  • Pages are earth
  • Knights are air
  • Queens are water
  • Kings are fire

Each element has its own meaning here and reinforces the rank of the the court card. You can see the swift movement of air and the mobility of the knights, the emotional and loving nature of the queens, the dynamism of the kings and the grounded and lower rank of the pages.

Like Major Arcana Correspondences, each table is colour coded to match the element of its suit. This is to help you navigate the page easily and to provide clarity while you are scrolling.

Tarot Suit of Wands Correspondences

1Ace of WandsFireCancer/Leo/Virgo*Jun 21 – Sept 22*1 & 105 & 11Yes
22 of WandsFireMars in AriesMar 21 – Mar 302 & 112Yes
33 of WandsFireSun in AriesMar 31 – Apr 103 & 123Yes
44 of WandsFireVenus in AriesApr – 11 – Apr 204 & 134Yes
55 of WandsFireSaturn in LeoJul 22 – Aug 15 & 145No
66 of WandsFireJupiter in LeoAug 2 – Aug 1166Yes
77 of WandsFireMars in LeoAug 12 – Aug 2277No
88 of WandsFireMercury in SagittariusNov 23 – Dec 288Yes
99 of WandsFireMoon in SagittariusDec 3 – Dec 1299Yes
1010 of WandsFireSaturn in SagittariusDec 13 – Dec 2110 & 110No
11Page of WandsEarth of FireCancer/Leo/Virgo*Jun 21 – Sept 22*11 & 27Yes
12Knight of WandsAir of Fire20° Cancer – 20° LeoJul 12 – Aug 1112 & 34Yes
13Queen of WandsWater of Fire20° Pisces – 20° AriesMar 11 – Apr 1013 & 44Yes
14King of WandsFire of Fire20° Scorpio – 20° SagittariusNov 13 – Dec 1214 & 54Yes

Tarot Suit of Cups Correspondences

1Ace of CupsWaterLibra/Scorpio/Sagittarius*Sept 23 – Dec 20*1 & 105 & 11Yes
22 of CupsWaterVenus in CancerJune 21 – July 12 & 112Yes
33 of CupsWaterMercury in CancerJuly 2 – July 113 & 123No
44 of CupsWaterMoon in CancerJuly 12 – July 214 & 134Maybe
55 of CupsWaterMars in ScorpioOct 23 – Nov 15 & 155No
66 of CupsWaterSun in ScorpioNov 2 – Nov 1266Yes
77 of CupsWaterVenus in ScorpioNov 13 to Nov 2277No
88 of CupsWaterSaturn in PiscesFeb 19 – Feb 2888Maybe
99 of CupsWaterJupiter in PiscesMar 1 – Mar 1099Yes
1010 of CupsWaterMars in PiscesMar 11 – Mar 2010 & 110Yes
11Page of CupsEarth of WaterLibra/Scorpio/Sagittarius*Sept 23 – Dec 20*11 & 27Yes
12Knight of CupsAir of Water20° Libra – 20 ° ScorpioOct 13 – Nov 1212 & 34Yes
13Queen of CupsWater of Water20° Gemini – 20° CancerJun 11 – July 1113 & 44Yes
14King of CupsFire of Water20° Aquarius – 20 ° PiscesFeb 9 – Mar 1014 & 54Yes

Tarot Suit of Swords Correspondences

1Ace of SwordsAirCapricorn/Aquarius/Pisces*Dec 22 – Mar 20*1 & 105 & 11Yes
22 of SwordsAirMoon in LibraSept 23 to Oct 22 & 112Maybe
33 of SwordsAirSaturn in LibraOct 3 – Oct 123 & 123No
44 of SwordsAirJupiter in LibraOct 13 – Oct 224 & 134Maybe
55 of SwordsAirVenus in AquariusJan 20 – Jan 295 & 155No
66 of SwordsAirMercury in AquariusJan 30 – Feb 866Yes
77 of SwordsAirMoon in AquariusFeb 9 – Feb 1877No
88 of SwordsAirJupiter in GeminiMay 21 – May 3188No
99 of SwordsAirMars in GeminiJune 1 – June 1099No
1010 of SwordsAirSol in GeminiJune 11 – June 2010 & 110No
11Page of SwordsEarth of AirCapricorn/Aquarius/Pisces*Dec 22 – Mar 20*11 & 27Yes
12Knight of SwordsAir of Air20° Capricorn – 20 ° AquariusJan 10 – Feb 812 & 34Yes
13Queen of SwordsWater of Air20° Virgo – 20° LibraSept 12 – Oct 1213 & 44Yes
14King of SwordsFire of Air20° Taurus – 20° GeminiMay 11 – June 1014 & 54Yes

Tarot Suit of Pentacles Correspondences

1Ace of PentaclesEarthAries/Taurus/Gemini*Mar 21 – Jun 20*1 & 105 & 11Yes
22 of PentaclesEarthJupiter in CapricornDec 22 – Dec 302 & 112Maybe
33 of PentaclesEarthMars in CapricornDec 31 – Jan 93 & 123Yes
44 of PentaclesEarthSun in CapricornJan 10 – Jan 194 & 134No
55 of PentaclesEarthMercury in TaurusApr 21 – Apr 305 & 145No
66 of PentaclesEarthMars in TaurusMay 1 – May 1066Yes
77 of PentaclesEarthSaturn in TaurusMay 11 – May 2077Maybe
88 of PentaclesEarthSun in VirgoAug 23 – Sept 188Yes
99 of PentaclesEarthVenus in VirgoSept 2 – Sept 1199Yes
1010 of PentaclesEarthMercury in VirgoSept 12 – Sept 2210 & 110Yes
11Page of PentaclesEarth of EarthAries/Taurus/Gemini*Mar 21 – Jun 20*11 & 27Yes
12Knight of PentaclesAir of Earth20° Aries – 20 ° TaurusApril 11 – May 1012 & 34Yes
13Queen of PentaclesWater of Earth20° Sagittarius – 20° CapricornDec 13 – Jan 913 & 44Yes
14King of PentaclesFire of Earth20° Leo – 20° VirgoAug 12 – Sept 1114 & 54Yes

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Header image from the Golden Dawn Magical Tarot by Chich Cicero and Sandra-Tabatha Cicero, published by Llewellyn 2008

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