Tarot Tutorials

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Series

Broken down into four parts, Introduction, Positions and Their Meanings, Looking Deeper and Indicators of Success, the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Tutorial Series is a treasure trove of tarot reading techniques you can apply across any tarot spread.

Features the simple Past, Present & Future tarot spread, using intention and applying the Law of Attraction.

Elemental Dignities Tutorials

From the Elemental Dignities Mini Series to the groundbreaking Elemental Dignities Dictionary; from the Four Elements and Tarot Aces to the Tarot Elements Signature Spread – there is wealth of original elemental dignities information for you to learn from and absorb.

Hebrew for Tarot Readers Series

Authored by guest poster, Mick Frankel, Hebrew for Tarot Readers is a four part series that introduces you to the Hebrew alphabet. Using the Tarot de Marseille, Mick skillfully show its relationship to the Major Arcana, the elements, planets and zodiac signs. 

Journey Through the Major Arcana

This three part series by guest poster, Bonnie Cehovet, takes you on a Journey Through the Major Arcana exploring 3 x 7 Theory, otherwise known as the Fool’s Journey. Learn about the connection between the cards, Jungian psychology and Plato’s three levels of the soul. See how the tarot relates to your personal development through this intriguing system.

Tarot Card Counting Tutorial

Learn how to read tarot using the card counting technique. This thorough and visual tutorial will help you not just count cards, but introduce other tarot reading techniques such as directional dignities that can be used in other tarot spreads and readings. 

Card counting is the same as storytelling. Once you’ve learnt the mechanics of the count, you can then learn to create a narrative in your tarot readings as you tell the story of your life through the tarot. 

Timing Events Using Tarot & Astrology

Starting with the traditional timing methods of old, seasons, days, weeks and months, Timing Events Using Tarot and Astrology then builds up timing techniques through a series of tables, each one building on the previous one, ending with a comprehensive and complete display of known timing using the Golden Dawn’s astrological system. Includes planets, elements, zodiac, court cards and thematic timing. 

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