Tarot Lessons & Coaching

The tagline for my website is ‘learn tarot for yourself’. It is how most of us do it. Sometimes though, you need a little helping hand, some interaction and some feedback. If you feel that’s you, read on.

Tarot coaching requires interaction in the way of direct work. If you have a goal that requires clearly defined steps to help you get there, coaching is the option for you.

This may include:

  • making the transition from tarot reader to pro reader.
  • It may be that you feel ready to start reading tarot after studying it for some time and want to practice before you read for others.
  • You may already be a tarot reader, but not a confident one, coaching can help build your confidence by actively working through the issues that hinder you and finding successful ways to overcome obstacles that stall you.

Tarot lessons are direct, information sharing exercises that teach you knowledge you didn’t have before, or knowledge you need to consolidate. They are usually about specific topics within tarot and can include:

Any of the tarot tutorials I already present for free can be taught privately and one on one, either in person or via Skype or Zoom.

Tarot Reading Check

Not sure about a tarot reading you’ve done? Do some of the cards look out of place, or not make sense to you? Sometimes we are too close to a situation to see clearly..

Let me go over your reading with you and see what else we can pull from the spread. If looks like you’ve got it nailed, I’ll show you some other reading techniques that you can apply to your future tarot readings. £20 for 30 minutes over Skype or Zoom, or via email through a number of emails to allow for interaction, language differences & keeping a record of new information.

buy 1 hr tarot lesson

Tarot Card Counting

Tarot Card Counting is an exceptional method for reading tarot and while it’s not difficult in itself, initially it seems complex and confusing. Seeing is believing with this tarot reading method and that’s exactly what you get with this package – an hour long Skype session where I show you the mechanics. Get all your questions answered and practice with me. Includes the Card Counting Tutorial pdf so you can continue practice your new skill.

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Whatever your requirement, I can help you. Tarot lessons, mentoring and coaching are available by the hour or in a package where you save money through buying your sessions in advance.

Tarot Lessons & Coaching Options

buy 1 hr tarot lesson

buy 1 hr tarot lesson

buy 1 hr tarot lesson

Regardless of your choice, get in touch so we can discuss your needs. If you require coaching, I will work out a plan of action for you. If you’re happy with that plan, you can then book the coaching package that suits you and let’s take it from there.

I’m looking forward to working with you.


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