Elemental Dignities Tutorials

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Introducing The Elements

The Four Elements and the Tarot AcesQuest-Aces-150
At the very core of the tarot are the four aces and this post explores their journey from the natural world to the esoteric; and gives examples of how you experience the elements in your everyday life to how through the four elements, they have been adapted and incorporated with our spiritual pursuits, namely the metaphysical and the tarot.

The Elemental Dignities Mini Series

The Elemental Dignities Mini Series
This mini series introduces you to the concept of elemental dignities from selecting just one card and looking at its divinatory defintions and meanings, its numerology, astrology and elemental association. This is brought to life by asking real questions and using the tarot card drawn to answer them.
By adding an additional card, Part Two of this Elemental Dignities Mini Series shows you how the tarot cards interact. Now seen as a two card combination, it looks at how the elements interact with each other, and how this interaction changes and affects the questions asked in Part One.
Adding the third and final card to make a three card combination, called a triplet or triad, this mini series shows you how to read these three tarot cards using elemental dignities, again looks at how this changes the interpretations given when applied to the questions introduced in the Part One and reinterpreted in Part Two.

The Elemental Dignities Dictionary

The Elemental Dignities Dictionary
This post introduces the idea behind the Elemental Dignities Dictionary and how it works. Using the standard primary colours of red, blue, yellow and green to represent the four elements; this has been expanded upon by including the shapes of the Platonic Solids to further link the reader with the natural aspect of the four elements.
This edition of the Elemental Dignities Dictionary contains the actual Visual Study Guide to Two Card Combinations; and explores the uses of two card combinations, providing an example reading using the Golden Dawn technique of Card Pairing to illustrate the benefits of two card combinations in your Tarot readings.

An example 18 card reading is used to illustrate the mechanics of the elemental dignities technique and also includes the extensive and full Visual Study Guide to Three Card Combinations, with fully illustrated examples of the explanations of the technique used in the narrative. Also includes Golden Dawn examples as a further example of how to read using Elemental Dignities.

Getting More Technical

Adding an Elemental Base to Your Tarot Card Readings
Explores the idea of adding a fourth element to a triplet in elemental dignities. By using the element associated with the question being asked, it shows how by adding this fourth element, the elemental dignities change; and of course the interpretation, enriching your tarot reading and giving your client more layers of meaning and depth.

Using The Question As A Significator In Your Tarot Card Readings
Expands on the concept of adding an elemental base to your question by actual selecting a tarot card to represent the question and putting it squarely in the Tarot reading, as a significator. Not confined to elemental dignities, but certainly at home with them, this technique allows you to see directly how the question relates to the answer, holistically and not separately.

Tarot Readings Using Elemental Dignities

The Tarot Elements Signature Spread and the Magic Square
The Magic Square – Secondary Triads and Timing

Beyond the Celtic Cross

Based on a single tarot reading, Beyond the Celtic Cross takes you through the steps of learning elemental dignities, card counting and pairing.
All you need do is grab your tarot deck and follow along!
Co-authored with Paul Hughes-Barlow of Supertarot, find out more about this innovative and fascinating book.
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