Angelic Protection Magick During Times of Crisis

Using Angelic Magick to Protect Yourself and Others

Coronavirus (COVID-19, or C-19) has us all particularly worried and while we are being extra vigilant with hygene, physical contact and supporting our immune systems in case of contact, those of us who are spiritually or magickally inclined will also be employing other means to provide safety to ourselves, our loved ones and the wider community.

There are as many gods and goddesses out there as there are people who will be praying to them. Spiritual protection comes in many forms and depending on your own tradition, you will no doubt be working behind the scenes to bless, heal and encourage love amongst humanity.

My favourite brand of protection is Angelic Magick and I can attest to its affectiveness in my own life. While I am talking about Archangels, I am also talking about the wider and less known angels from Judaism and Jewish Mysticism, namely Kabbalah.

Anyone familiar with tarot will also be familiar with the Archangels that appear on several of the cards across many different decks. You will also no doubt be familiar with the plethora of Angel Oracle decks available.

Angelic Magick though, takes things further. You are in occult waters, there is no doubt, but the power of the angels and their effect in your life is, for me, unquestionable.

So amid this current crisis, and for your life in general, what rituals can you use that are easy to perform and effective in their results?

Four Angelic Protection Magick Rituals

I have many books by members of the Golden Dawn that feature their own rituals, and plenty by Aleister Crowley. I have looked at Chaos Magick too, but I feel happiest and safest using the rituals published by two independent groups of magicians: The Power of Magick and The Gallery of Magick.

They have in their private collections many manuscripts containing magical rituals that they have adapted and shared with others through their own publishing platforms. Both of their websites contain a wide range of information, particularly the comments sections where they have answered reader questions directly.

They have both published many books on magick and rituals, including magickal protection books: Angelic Protection Magick and Magickal Protection, listed here respectively. From those two books come these four protection rituals that are easy to perform:

The Power of Magick

  • Angelic Protection Magick:
    • The Body of Protection
    • The Circle Banishing

The Gallery of Magick

  • Magickal Protection:
    • The Sword Banishing
    • The Master Protection Ritual

I have tried all of these rituals and felt an effect with each of them. They are lovely to perform with some requiring more physical effort than others, but that is only in standing and facing directions while calling the Archangels and speaking their names (The Power of Magick). The other rituals use focused attention and creative visualisation (The Gallery of Magick).

My Favourite Angelic Protection Ritual

My favourite angelic protection ritual without doubt that is The Sword Banishing because it is so quick once you’ve learnt it, you can do it from your bed, in the garden (as I did one winter’s night venturing to the outside shed and letting my imagination get the better of me), on the train – anywhere in fact because you can do it in your head as well as speak it out loud.

I find myself more able to lose a sense of reality when I don’t have too many specific things to do. I find I concentrate so much on making sure I have done the right move and said the right Words of Power and angelic names that I question myself and the ritual, which in magick, is not good.

You might prefer to follow a sequence of actions and words and you won’t actually know what you prefer until you actually try some rituals for yourself.


I also really like that we can trace the origin of the Sword Banishing ritual as I’ve seen reference to it in other books. One of those books is The Book of Seals & Amulets by Jacobus G Swart. Part of the Shadow Tree Series (Vol 3). Swart discusses the Sacred Names contained in the ritual – Yohach and Kalach, with reference to its aparent origin from the Hebrew manuscript, the Shorshei ha-Shemot.

The Book of Seals & Amulets, Chapter 1, Part 6 – Yohach Kalach:

The Yohach Kalach combination [in Hebrew] is fairly commonly employed in protection amulets. This Divine Name construct was derived from the concluding letters of the [Hebrew] words comprising Psalm 91.11 reading:

ki malachav y’tzaveh lach lishmorcha b’chol d’rachecha

For he will give his Angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

We are informed that the angels referred to in the verse are Yohach and Kalach, they being two companion guardian Spirit Intelligences (angels). In this regard, there is an interesting practice in which one has to visualise the forms of two large “heroic figures,” one to the right and one to the left of oneself.* Yohach, the angel on the right, is “in charge of the Midot ha-Din, the ‘Qualities of Judgement’ who is ‘appointed over divine vengeance,’ as well as a reference to the “avenging sword” of God….. We are told that the remarkable powers of the sixteen-edged divine sword include the ability to ‘diminish the powers of the pestilence and other mazikin (malevolent forces)’ and the granting of a ‘meaningful life’.” It is also said that this Spirit Intelligence, when called upon, will protect us as we journey through life.* Elsewhere it is maintained the Name of the Eternal One [in Hebrew] is in [the Hebrew of] Yohach, thus this unique angel is empowered to escort, protect and save.*

The Book of Seals Amulets p37-38


* At these markers in the book, Swart references the Shorshei ha-Shemot directly. The book is available in Hebrew but unfortunately the cost of the rare English translations are colossal and so for something close to it, see Volume 2 of The Shadow Tree Series – The Book of Sacred Names.

Using Angelic Protection Magick in Your Life

Since I first embarked on my actual magickal journey, I have performed many rituals for personal growth, to help me overcome my own blocks and to clear the way so I may progress in the world.

It’s something I enjoy doing and being someone who likes pen and paper, I keep a specific journal for my magickal practice. I do this to record what I did and when, and also as a record of my personal progress. When changes come, sometimes in small increments, you don’t always realise how much progress you have made until you look back to where you were.

Sometimes you feel the magick and the changes in your state during the ritual, at other times you may not feel anything in particular. The important thing is to hold onto the belief that the magick is working whether you can see it or not.

If you do embark on a magickal journey of your own, then I recommend that you buy one or both of the books I mention above (Kindle and/or paperback). You should also treat yourself to a new notebook and pen to record your activities and progress – I love fountain pens and Paperblanks notebooks because they are beautiful and they just feel special, which for me adds its own magick to the whole process.

If you want to dig deeper into Jewish Mysticism as a practice, there are a lot of good books available. I went with the Shadow Tree Series by Jacobus G Swart because a lot of what I was reading around the subject, he had already written about in these books and they were accessible.

His style is academic which means he quotes his sources and you can check up on those if you wish. Being academic though, it can be a little dry, but I don’t mind that because his breadth of knowledge is wide and I appreciate him sharing it with the world.

If you are less inclined to study these subjects more deeply and just want to get into the magick, then start with the Angelic Protections books from both the Power of Magick and the Gallery of Magick, and progress with their other works as and when you feel ready and comfortable.

Credits & Links

If you are a member of the Scribd website, you can also access other works of Jacobus G Swart (and many other writers. It is a resource for older documents and essays by scholars and informed readers). One particularly useful document by Swart is called Spiritual Protection in Practical Kabbalah. It provides more details on the Avenging Sword of God and talks of the other angels in the Sword Banishing ritual: Natzariel and Oziel. It is a fascinating read and brings a lot of clarity to the use of the additional names in the ritual laid out by Damon Brand in Magickal Protection.


Okay, so I have said that Angelic Protection Magick works for me and I have suggested its use as another line of attack/defence with the coronavirus, and other ills in your life.

I am not saying that if you employ this type of magick that you won’t catch the virus or suffer with it. I am not saying that Angelic Protection Magick is a cure all for everything. I am saying it’s been effect for me in how I have used it so far.

You should in no way replace conventional medical advice on how to avoid catching the virus with using magickal techniques alone. They should be a complement to your physical efforts to keep yourself safe.

As with everything in life, and the advice I always give in a tarot reading, your choices are your own and your decisions your own responsibility. You must do what feels right for you and avoid what feels wrong.

Header Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

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