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It seems we play all over the internet these days and no one site fits all. I stay afloat on some of the sites that are popular and you can interact with me on any of them or to just stay abreast of the latest happenings on the blog. Just click the icons to check out my profiles and connect with me.

Contacting Me Directly
Your concerns and questions are important to me so don’t hesitate to get in touch. I don’t believe in heaven and hell so religious evangelists need not apply.


Life in 140 characters. Always a challenge but good for refining your linguistic skills. Tweeting tarot, environmentalism, cruelty-free living & sometimes being political..


I keep this one personal but if we’ve interacted elsewhere, pop in a friend request, otherwise you can follow my public posts which are a mix of tarot, fun videos & comments on world events.


Google Plus
Mysterious but engaging. I update my work on G+ reshare other interesting stuff but still haven’t quite got the hang of it. If you do, please feel free to enlighten me. Thanks.


I’m usually fashionably late to parties and Pinterest is no different. I’m new there and still finding my feet but let’s hook up and share like crazy.


My daughter says I’m missing out so I’m taking lessons from her and planning ways to make it interesting but not a replica of the blog, or Pinterest et al. I’ve just gone live on Instagram – not it’s time to get creative & add some new but awesome content


Be the first to hear the latest! I know, cool soundbite. Seriously though, The List hears it first, make sure you’re name is down or you won’t get in. **New subscribers get a juicy 20% off their first reading!**


If you only want post updates and not all the juicy offers and news [scratches head and wonders why…), this is your option. Also scratching my head about getting a direct link here for you. Until I do, check the sidebar for the ‘follow blog’ button.


And finally, if reading blog posts the old-fashioned way is your thing or your use a feeder like BlogLovin’, the RSS feed is for you.


Ways to Stay in Touch