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Catherine Chapman
Catherine Chapman
Spiritual Seeker & Mystical Mama

My name is Catherine Chapman and I am a professional tarot reader, published author and mentor having built a solid reputation in the tarot community, I created Tarot Elements in 2009 as a means to launch my then upcoming book, Beyond the Celtic Cross.

During my time creating content for Tarot Elements, I used a variety of mediums to express my ideas, including many social media platforms, a highly popular Facebook page, forum, premium subscription section and newsletter. I also produced several eBooks and tutorials in addition to my published book.

Having been mentored by two highly respected tarot authors and professionals, Tarot Elements allowed me to share my growing knowledge and experience, as well as develop my written, oral and visual presentation skills. Creativity was a large part of the success of this site with its fresh approach to present such a visual medium as tarot in a way that had never been done before.

I took a two year sabbatical from tarot but have returned to where my heart lay and have again begun producing original and innovative content. My intention for the site is to make the content free with any paid ebooks being a PDF of the longer posts and tutorials for a nominal fee. I earn money from the blog through tarot readings and mentoring and teaching services – so if it’s self-study through posts – it’s free! If you want to work with me, well, even I have to eat.

Please feel free to continue to explore this site, its ideas, presentations and information, and if you’d like to work with me, or book a tarot reading with me, let’s chat.


What People Say About Tarot Elements

Anthony LouisTarot Plain & Simple


“Having read her book on the Celtic Cross as well as her blog, I was delighted to finally meet Catherine Chapman in person at the 2011 Readers Studio in New York. She is a witty, charming, intelligent person who has put together a treasure chest of useful information about the tarot at Tarot Elements. I’m honored to write an endorsement of her site.”

Theresa ReedThe Tarot Lady

theresa reed the tarot lady

“When I am looking for fresh inspiration and groovy tarot topics, I head on over to Tarot Elements. Catherine Chapman offers top notch writing, interesting ideas and a whole lotta fun! Whether you are new to tarot and want to learn how to read or are an old hand looking to brush up your skills, this is the site you want to check out. Often.”

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