Waking the Dead

Double Agent, sea Captain, Royal Navy Master, Lothario and bankrupt – Captain Joseph Hynson lead a colourful and exciting life. Born in Maryland USA circa 1744, he died in London in 1817. Working secretly for both sides in the American War of Independence, Joseph stole 8 months worth of dispatches destined for the American Congress, and handed them to the British. His reward from the then Under-Secretary of State, William Eden, was £1,000 and a job with His Majesty’s Royal Navy.

Two’s Company

Being friendly to each other, they’re supporting each other, strengthening each other. In plain English, it simply means that both cards have remained relevant to our reading, their divinatory meanings have been reinforced by the other. There is also another attribute applied to this pairing of elements – they are both active. Again, simply put, it means the message of the cards is actually happening now, or is going to very quickly