Tarot Reading Check

Where to begin?!

Let’s start with you.

There you are, tarot cards in hand, laying out a spread. You’re feeling confident, your readings have been going well so you decide on doing a Celtic Cross spread.

It begins well, you can relate to the Heart of the Matter, and the Root Cause, but what does that card in the Crown position mean? How does it relate your life? You scratch your head. You scratch it again with the card that lands in the You position, and the Environment….

You feel your confidence slide. Scratching your head turns to fanning pages of tarot books for the answers, but none of them make any sense. What can you do? Who can help?

That would be me.

I can help.

I can give you the clarity you seek, if you’ll work with me.

Let’s spend 30 minutes together, on Skype or Zoom, going over your reading. Me and you as a team, shining a light on your reading. Making it come alive and getting the answers you’re looking for.

We can do this together. And we can have fun!

For just £20 for 30 minutes over Skype or via email, you can guarantee your satisfaction.

You can finally know what those pesky cards meant after all.

And then smile ;)

Ready when you are.


buy a tarot reading

If you’d like to get in touch and see if this is the right service for you, just email me and I’ll get back to you asap, but please allow for time differences. Thanks!

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