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Understanding the relevance of this deck is best seen in action. In this gallery are twelve of the cards show with their upright and reversed positions side by side for comparison.

The Revelations Tarot earns its place in my personal list of essential tarot decks because Zach cleverly designed this deck to show upright as well as reversed figures on each card in a seamless fusion. Yes, this deck is a godsend if you want to learn about tarot reversals.

The artwork may not be to your liking, but for its ability to help you learn about and implement reversed cards in your readings, it’s indispensable. A card falling in a reversed position will read more fluidly than the sometimes jarring vision of an upside down card in the middle of a tarot spread.

Studying the individual cards will work very well if you keep a tarot journal or make notes. By studying the upright and reversed image both orientations inform each other and begin to make sense, bringing new insights and fresh perspectives.

This is also one of those decks with an excellent accompanying book. Equal weight is given to the reversed meanings as well as the upright. Each card has a summary sentence ahead of two or three paragraphs of text explaining the card further – both for upright and reversed positions.

For example, the Ace of Cups summary upright reads:

The cup overflows with joy, happiness, and friendships.

And reversed, the summary reads:

The contents have spilled as the cup empties. The vessel only represents what there could have been.

Zach created the Revelations Tarot out of a need for self-understanding and self-development. That doesn’t mean this is a deck heavy on psychology. On the contrary, the Revelations Tarot is clearly a divination deck and a very good one at that.

The Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong and published by Llewellyn March 2012.

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