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One of the joys of tarot is the art depicted on the cards. This is what sings to our soul and allows our intuition to play as wildly and fully as it likes at the scenes and images before it. The styles of art used range from line drawings to oil paintings, from collages to digital masterpieces and everything in between.

I have always loved this aspect of tarot – the art and imagery, and use as much as possible on the blog from as many decks as I can. As the Tarot Card Meanings sections grows, and the blog posts increase, it makes sense to bring together in one place all the decks that feature across the blog. This will enable you to see a larger number of cards from a deck – though to stay on the right side of the publishers, the Tarot Deck Gallery will not contain the whole decks, just the cards featured.

Clicking on the deck you’re interested in viewing will take you straight to the gallery page. This page will include links to all the posts and pages that feature the cards, as well as details of the deck, the creators, the publishers, the ISBN numbers and links to buy the deck from Amazon, either from the US or UK sites. These are affiliate links and each purchase you make provides a small amount of commission per sale and goes towards the running costs of the blog.

Some of the decks featured are now out of print and mostly can only be found on eBay or through private sales. They are often expensive but some of them I believe are worth it. There are still affiliate links to these decks if they are available on Amazon but before you part with a lot of money for a deck, make sure you have searched across many sites for the best price.

The Tarot Deck Gallery will increase as I work my way through adding the images and updating where necessary. Some of decks being lined up for the gallery have not been featured on the blog yet, but they certainly will be. Please check back often to see new additions.

You can also have a look through my tarot deck reviews. These posts also feature full colour images of some of the cards, some of them have a small reading included so you can get a feel of the deck in action.

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