The Enchanted Tarot

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The Enchanted Tarot is visually sumptuous and very pretty. This may or may not appeal to all males reading this but it is very easy to lose yourself in the imagery of these cards.

This is a collage deck that uses different types of fabric handcrafted by Amy. It is beautiful but a little different to the Rider, though the themes are the same, you will find Monte Farber’s divinatory definitions also expressing the elements and numerology.

There is a flavour here from the Thoth Tarot and also the Tarot de Marseille tradition, though the Enchanted Tarot has its own distinct personality and it is quite charming. The added value as a tarot student from this deck is again in the book. By using the cards and book together you learn how to overcome the problem(s) you are facing.

This is a proactive deck and is one of the reasons I like it. Each card has three paragraphs of information:

  1. The Dream addresses your unconscious mind while relaying a tale about the card.
  2. The Awakening addresses your conscious mind and provides advice and guidance.
  3. The Enchantment links these two aspects of minds through the use of ‘healing rituals, charms, chants and spells’.

These three descriptions set this deck apart from others. The Enchantment brings you in line with the card and helps you embody the principle or force behind the card. The Death card enchantment suggests you observe cut flowers for 13 days as they wither and die, then take them to a burial site and using a small verbal enchantment, release the fear of change that the Death card indicated you were holding.

So there is healing here as well as a complete system of divination. There are many different paths we can take on tarot journey and this is a rather pleasant one.


The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber; first published by Race Point Publishing in 1990, reprinted in 2009 with a new 25th Anniversary release scheduled for September 2017.

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