Celtic Cross Spread Tutorial Series

Welcome to the index page of the Tarot Elements Celtic Cross Spread Tutorial Series. The index shows all the posts in the series, and includes an introduction into each part of the series so you can refer back to the parts that you wish to explore further without having to read the series sequentially. We like to make things easy for you at Tarot Elements – I hope you enjoy the series! Don’t forget to share the love and leave a comment.

How To Read The Celtic Cross Spread Like A Pro

Part One begins by introducing the Tutorial Series and looks at the differences between existing Celtic Cross Spreads and discusses the role of the significator card and whether it’s really required in this type of Tarot reading. The layout of the Celtic Cross Spread is first shown in this post with a detailed diagram of the positions themselves, their numbers and names. read more…

How to Read the Celtic Cross Spread Like A Pro – Positions and Their Meanings

This post really begins the exploration of the Celtic Cross by looking at the positions of the spread in depth, and what those positions mean. Part Two uses a real reading as an example, this post also examines what those cards mean in those positions and also introduces the concept and role of the Law of Attraction, focused intention, and Cause and Effect in those positions and in the client’s life. read more…

How to Read the Celtic Cross Spread Like A Pro – Looking Deeper

Taking the previous introduction of the Law of Attraction and Cause and Effect deeper, Part Three probes deeper into the Celtic Cross Spread and looks at how the much neglected Past, Present and Future aspect of the spread has a big part to play in how the cards are interpreted for the client. read more…

How to Read the Celtic Cross Spread Like A Pro – Indicators of Success

Time to get a little technical! This final post, Part Four,in the Tutorial Series, looks at other techniques for drawing information out of the Celtic Cross Spread using the Card Ratio, Elemental Influences, Numerology and timing in the cards and gives a further summary of the Tarot reading after bringing these techniques into play. read more…

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