“Learn Tarot for Yourself”

Welcome to Tarot Elements! Created to promote my then upcoming book, Beyond the Celtic Cross, it is now a resource to help you learn tarot for yourself, get clarity in your life with a proactive tarot reading, and generally lose yourself in a vortex of tarot goodness. Enjoy!

Tarot Lessons & Coaching

Learn how to read tarot for yourself and others, elemental dignities, card counting and more

Buy a Tarot Reading

Get clarity in your life right now with a proactive tarot reading that shows you choices, options & a way forward

Tarot Card Meanings

Begin your tarot studies with the cards themselves - keywords and correspondences

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Free Tarot Tutorials

Elemental Dignities

Learn how the elements interact & can inform your tarot readings.

Timing Events

Learn traditional & Golden Dawn methods to accurately time events in your tarot readings.

Journey Through the Major Arcana

Travel through the Major Arcana exploring the Fool’s Journey.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Learn to read the world's most famous tarot spread in 4 easy posts.

Tarot Card Counting

Learn how to read tarot using the card counting technique, including directional dignities.

Hebrew Letters for Tarot Readers

Learn about the Hebrew aleph-bet & the Tarot de Marseille in 4 fabulous posts.

From the Blog

Read original and classic tarot ideas, tarot spreads, tutorials, tips & techniques and lots of other brilliant articles and posts. 


Virgo Through the Eyes of Tarot

Explore the connection between Virgo, the Hermit & the 8, 9, & 10 of Pentacles, the Sun, the Moon & the number 9.

the good tarot

Review: The Good Tarot

Based on positive psychology, the Good Tarot focuses on your highest good & how to see the best in a situation.

rider waite smith tarot variations

Rider Waite Smith Variations

Learn the differences between a true vintage RWS deck & the those modern decks named 'original'.


New Deck Shuffle

See a simple shuffle method to help you get great readings from your new tarot deck straight away.

Deck Gallery

See my favourite working & learning decks in my Tarot Deck Gallery. Each has its place for a particular reason – because they work & they offer excellent learning opportunities.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Peter Drucker

Live Local?

Contact me for online, phone & in-person readings. I’m happy to travel (plus fee) to other local towns in Scotland for readings & classes. If you have a venue or idea for a local tarot reading course, please get in touch.

I visit Warrington several times a year & also give readings & classes there, contact me for my next Warrington dates.


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