How to Choose the Right Tarot Reader for You

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There is a saying in the sales industry – people buy from people they like; and this is also true when it comes to buying a tarot card reading. The internet has literally millions of options and so you will need to decide if you want an independent tarot reader (like myself) or an online company (like Keen).

It will be more difficult to find independent tarot readers online because the psychic line companies have the money and manpower to get themselves among the first pages of any search engine returns. You will need to look at social media for independent tarot readers who share content and promote themselves that way. You can also check out tarot associations who are supported by independent tarot readers.

Choosing an online tarot reader who works through an online psychic line may seem daunting but can actually be a lot easier than you imagine.

First, choose the company you prefer. This can be done simply by looking over their website and getting a feel for how they operate and present themselves. Cost will also be a factor and there can be a wide range of prices between them. The type of tarot reading you want can also help you decide which company to use; not all of them do every service and so if you want a live video reading, this will narrow your search.

Choosing the actual online tarot card reader you want for your reading is more or less the same process whether they are an independent tarot reader, or an online one.

Psychic line readers have their bio and photo, the style of reading they do and what other skills they may have: clairvoyance, astrology, mediumship and so on. There will also be reviews from previous and current customers. While every psychic line has its superstars, be sure to narrow your choice to those who’s bio and skills resonate with you and one that uses a webcam, so you can actually see what is going on during your reading. Also, if their profile photo is of themselves and not an avatar, be sure to look at their eyes for a moment and see if you get anything intuitively about them. This can be good or not, so, trust your intuition.

Independent tarot readers will also have a biography page on their website, often with their photo, plus testimonials. They may even have sample readings for you to read, assuming you are opting for an email reading. While testimonials can be faked, you can still get a feel for the reader from their website. Do check them out on social media. If they are a confident reader, and one who has been doing tarot readings for a long time, they will be advertising their services there and promoting their work openly.

So, you’ve narrowed down your choice but don’t know who to choose. What do you do now? Reach out to them! The advantages of approaching an online tarot card reader are the same whether you’re looking at an independent reader or a psychic line one. Essentially, you get to communicate with them before your reading.

Many psychic lines offer the first 3-5 minutes free so you can disconnect if you don’t feel connected to the reader or if your reading doesn’t start well.

An independent tarot reader may allow some communication ahead of a reading to see if you are both a good fit for each other. Tarot reading styles do vary and if you are looking predominantly for a predictive tarot reading, you need to know if the tarot card reader you’ve approached does this type of reading.

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