Daily Tarot Spread


Expanding on the traditional Card-A-Day for your tarot journal, get a clearer idea of what lay ahead with six card positions. Perfect for those special days when you need to know more.

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Soul Journey Tarot Spread

The Soul Journey Tarot Reading, from the legendary Rachel Pollack, seeks to help you understand, through the Major Arcana, what journey your soul has been undertaking during your dreams, and other trance-like states. It’s a little different to regular dream interpretation as it doesn’t seek to find what your dreams are about, rather it seeks […]

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Hebrew for Tarot Readers, the Double Letters

  A tutorial series by guest poster, Mick Frankel Part Two — the Double Letters We’ve looked at the three Hebrew letters that Sefer Yetziroh calls “Mother Letters” or “Primary Letters”. These are א מ and שׁ. Next, Sefer Yetziroh mentions a group of seven letters that are called “Double Letters”. There are four letters […]

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