Letting Go With the Hanged Man Ritual

Step into your best self by letting go of all that does not serve you anymore. My 2019 Hanged Man Ritual shows you how & explores numerology + tarot also.

I realise that it is a little late in the year to be talking about the new year, but life has been on the hectic side with lots of changes. They mostly relate to the card of the year, numerically speaking, card number twelve in the Major Arcana – the Hanged Man – letting go.

The events, ritual, tarot cards and numerology surrounding this current year, 2019, are too connected and magical to not share. I hope they make as big a difference to your life as they have to mine.

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Let’s take a look at the Numerology of 2019.

2019 and the Hanged Man

The most important number we derive from this year is twelve, if we employ the reduction technique of numerology.

2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12

Number twelve in the Major Arcana is the Hanged Man. My own tarot card meaning for the Hanged Man is:

Letting go, sacrifice for gain, surrender, breaking patterns, a crisis, delays, seeing from another direction, a fresh perspective, suspension of activity, giving something up, experiencing a metamorphosis, spiritual advancement, a detachment from the material.

thoth tarot hanged mAN

This is a very important year where old patterns of behaviour, thought and action can be let go of – freedom from restriction can be found.

But it requires work and deep soul searching. In order to free yourself from the chains that bind you (anyone else sensing the Devil here??), you must be honest with yourself and acknowledge those patterns that no longer serve you, if they ever did. This year, 2019, offers us, through the tarot, a wonderful opportunity for release and growth.

But the Hanged Man is not the only spiritual giant on offer with 2019.

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2019 and the Empress

If we continue to apply the reduction technique, we can see what can be born in the vacuum created by our letting go.

2 + 0 1 + 9 = 12

1 + 2 = 3

Number three in the Major Arcana is the Empress, for which we can say the following:

Nurturing, abundance, fertility, mothering, your mother, love, beauty, a businesswoman, mother earth, a multi-tasker, pregnancy, creativity, solving problems creatively, fulfilling your potential, a successful business or opportunity; social status.

thoth tarot empress

How wonderful! The bounty on offer if we can free ourselves from the chains of those old behaviours, beliefs, thoughts and speech is a new life.

Creativity can be ours, including healthier nurturing, increased productivity and better relationships. My favourite word to describe the Empress is fecundity:

n: the capacity of abundant production: fecundity of imagination.

But why stop there? We have another tarot giant in the year, shining a light on the dark places where those long held and unconscious beliefs hide..

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2019 and the Sun

The numerology is easy to see here – it is simply, nineteen:

2019 – 19

Number nineteen of the Major Arcana is the Sun, my own tarot card meanings for which are:

Life, energy, vitality, joy, enlightenment, warmth, manifestation, happiness, YES! riches, marriage, good times, success, clear thinking, optimism, blessings, good fortune, a good holiday, nice weather.

thoth tarot sun

Ahhh.. Just thinking about this card brings warmth, joy and happiness. Is there a better card in the tarot than the Sun?

Let’s see how all this marries together.

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Relating the 2019 Tarot Year Cards to Your Life

19 – the Sun – the Potential

This years brings with it the potential for success, good fortune, blessings and joy. Not to mention holidays in warm places.. This is the year to learn and apply the Law of Attraction to your life, in every area – including that holiday. The potential is there, but like the Aces, nothing will happen unless you make it through right thinking, good choices, positive action and setting your eyes on the things you want. Yes, I’m talking about goals. You have to know what you want in order to get it through hard work or blessings from a divine source. The Sun says this is the year you can make it happen. Exciting!

Create the space to receive your blessings ~ the Sun from the Hanged Man Ritual #tarotelements #tarot #healing Share on X

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12 – the Hanged Man – the Work

In order to create the space for all this juicy goodness to come your way, you have to let your old habits die. They have to go. You’ve got to give them up. Release them and free yourself in the process. The Sun and the Empress will be wasted opportunities unless you do the work in this section of the cards.

But how, I hear you ask?

With a lot of effort and dedication, I say. And an altar dedicated to the process.

You may have seen my altar, I posted it on my Facebook page at new year. In the main, it is dedicated to love, my ancestors, the four elements and spiritual masters. It is decorated with items relating to them, plus crystals, prayer beads and things I find when I’m out and about – stones, feathers, tree bark and shells, mostly.

It is the place I sit in front of when I meditate at home. I light candles and enter a sacred space. I have a notebook at my side for insights and inspirations that may come to me from the ether, or from my ancestors, spirit guides, angels, elementals or my higher self/daimon. In quiet contemplation, a question can be answered easily, so I’m always prepared to take notes.

Let go of what is done, gone & not meant for you ~ Hanged Man Ritual #tarotelements #tarot #healing Share on X

Since the new year though, I have a new edition on my altar. It is a jar, just an old mayonnaise jar, but it’s a nicely shaped one. Inside this jar I place little notes of the things I need to let go of and am in the process of doing. While I add the note to the jar, I meditate further and clearly state what I am letting go of, who and where also applies, and visualise myself releasing them from my life.

For me, this is usually cutting cords from my chakras and either waving goodbye to the person and wishing them well. If it’s a trait or belief, I see myself throwing the note over a cliff and watching it disappear as it falls away. Say out loud (if you are alone) what you are releasing and see your hands release the note to the edge. You can also blow the note over the edge, whatever works for you and whatever way comes to you in the moment.

When I have done that, I sit on the cliff and feel the freedom from the release through the wind on my face and hold my head high for a moment for any blessings that may come in the form of a bird, a part of nature -flowers, leaves, bark and so on. Sometimes I feel the rain on my face, sometimes the sun, and of course the wind. I let whatever comes, come. I believe this part is really important as it drums up feelings and emotions and it is these that imbue the process with energy and make it effect. If you believe, it will happen.

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3 – the Empress – the Rewards

I create, I produce, I become fulfilled - the Empress from the Hanged Man Ritual #tarotelements #tarot #healing Share on X

If the Sun shows the potential for success, the Empress shows us how – through our creative endeavours, efforts and actions. This is a year of doing. If we were simply changing beliefs – swapping old ones out for new ones, our job would be different – we would need to embed those new beliefs. We would need to take action to embed them, yes, but this is more the domain of the Magician. This year we have the Empress and so our job is to create, whether it is business related, homemaking, crafting, painting, writing poetry or stories (by hand, in a book, with a nice pen..)

“when you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. your tastes only narrow & exclude people. so create.”
Why The Lucky Stiff

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How to Create the Energy for Change

On New Year’s Eve, I sat alone at my altar, notepad in hand with a ritual I had prepared earlier that day for the change of energy at midnight. To help you create the same level of change, I am sharing with your my personal New Ritual for 2019.

It is not confined to just one night – you can do this several times throughout, on special festivals, holidays or when the mood takes you or if you need to reconnect with the magic of change.

My Personal Hanged Man Ritual for Letting Go

Letting go of what is not mine, I open myself to what is, which enables me to become myself ~ Hanged Man Ritual #tarotlements #tarot #healing Share on X

Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere safe and comfortable. This could be a garden, your room, on a hillside, somewhere you journey to often.

Be in this place and visualise a divine white light coming from the heavens through your crown chakra, cleansing you as it flows.

Ground yourself by visualising earth energy coming up through the ground through your toes and feet up through your legs to your root chakra.

Let the divine light and the earth energy mingle through your body and remove negative hot spots it finds on the way, taking them away from you.

Assume the limb positions of the Hanged Man.

As the divine white light is cleansing your body and aura, allow it to remove toxins and attachments in the other chakras to people, places, things, events and situations that no longer serve you nor are meant for you.

Consciously surrender….

Let go.

Let the divine light, toxins and negative attachments flow through and out of your body through the root chakra or through your feet into the earth.

Let the sun shine through the top of your head.

Receive your blessings.

Let them penetrate you while your remain surrendered.

Let what is meant for you, come to you.

Remaining surrendered, let an image form in your mind of who you are meant to be.

Let the creativity of the Empress stir your mitochondria. Let her penetrate your every cell.

Call to you all the good things meant for you this year and all the good things you want for yourself – all you want to earn, to create, to grow, to become.

Make yourself receptive to positive changes, to your future.

Let the divine light continue to flood your body until you feel it change from white to gold.

Let the gold light of the sun fill you and emerge from you, filling your aura. Let it stay with you.

Ask your ancestors, guides, angels, elements, elemental, gods & goddesses to help and assist you with your cleansing, blessings and growth.

Give thanks for all that you have, all you have experienced, the love and the pain, the good times and the bad – everything that you felt and that stayed with you.

Let the bad times go. Let the pain go. Let it go…

Give thanks for all that is coming to you, the good, the lessons, the love and growth, the creativity and wealth, the people, places, events and situations.

Ask that these new experiences are healthy and for your highest good.

Surrender to your future experiences and allow your blessings to envelop you and bring forth who you were meant to be.

Stay here for as long as you want to and respond in a way that feels natural to you, or is new to you: sing, cry, talk out loud, speak to your ancestors, make noises, hum, sway, hold yourself, curl up in a ball, stretch out – whatever way you feel drawn to respond.

Then smile. It is done.



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The Magical Connection Between the Sun, the Hanged Man, the Empress and the Book of Thoth

2019 hanged man ritual with the sun and empress

I used the Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot (Large) to place this years cards on my altar. I chose the large cards because they show the beauty of the cards more clearly, plus they are easier to see from anywhere in the room – a nice reminder of the potential, work and rewards available this year.

Naturally I consulted the Book of Thoth for any additional information Aleister Crowley may have had regarding these cards and I was stunned by the connection between them.

Essentially, contained with Crowley’s Hanged Man is the Sun (through divine light) and the colour scheme of the Empress (green) through her planetary association to the planet Venus.

For those of you intent on seeing the Hanged Man as a sacrifice, it was Crowley’s belief that this was wrong and belonged in the previous Aeon. In many ways, in his deck, this card is redundant in the form we know it. The sacrifice of Christ, and those that follow His sacrifice in large and small ways do not belong in this new era. But don’t shoot the messenger. I happen to agree with him regarding the sacrifice. I do see the surrender in this card and so reading Crowley’s thoughts on that in the Book of Thoth was a magical moment after I’d done my first ritual with these cards.

This card is also the card of initiation, which is wholly appropriate for those of you who truly want to make a change in your life and are prepared to make the changes necessary to embark on your own new Aeon, changed, motivated and ready.

I wish you well on your journey and hope you continue with the fantastic opportunity this year has gifted us. Feel free to share your own experiences or insights in the comments.



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