Free Online Tarot Readings – Do They Work?

You betcha!
I haven’t used a free online Tarot reading service for quite some time. As I progressed along my own Tarot journey, and got better at reading the cards, I had no need to. There are some good services out there, Lotus Tarot, Llewellyn and all have excellent services, some free, some paid, but the lack of specifics in positions is always a let down, and sometimes, even when there is a “the Chariot in this position tells you to….” it’s still a little general and non-specific.

So what a revelation I had the other day when I tried out a free service, for fun, and found it to be wholly accurate, relevant, sharp and to the point, but more importantly, it was well written without any padding – making its relevance even more remarkable. Now I don’t wish to be seen to be bashing anyone’s services, it’s no mean fete writing out all those interpretations for all those possible positions and combinations, but if you’re going to do it, if you’re going to go to all that trouble, don’t you think the service provider would make it a cut above the rest? You’d think.
Well I found one that did just that and I’m going to share the website with you, but not just that, I’m going to share with you the reading I received, for free that hit me like a steam train because of it’s relevance and attention to detail within the cards. The reading itself is a Celtic Cross, and interestingly, the sequence and names of the positions of this Celtic Cross are very different to my own. And you know what? I really liked it. I liked it because it was different yet relevant and I think I may just have to adopt this Celtic Cross as opposed to my own version of the Celtic Cross, if only for a little while, as an experiment…

Free online Tarot readings – excellent!

And so, onto the good stuff, the website itself is called Celtic Cross Tarot which is actually part of Tarot Live. I can’t find any owner details but in the written text there are some clear indications that whoever wrote the definitions, did so in their second language, meaning English isn’t their mother tongue. That doesn’t bother me one little bit, what’s a little second hand English amongst friends? It’s the definitions that count. And the proof, as I’ve always believed, that what’s in your heart and your head, is what the Universe will answer – not your question specifically, or your Tarot reader’s rephrased question.
Now, I won’t go into the specifics of my own question – it was very personal, but regular readers of my blog will know I’ve had a bit of a rough ride lately and so this reading answered many peripheral questions relating to my life and my current situation. The reading begins with you adding your name and selection of a deck and I chose the Legacy of the Divine. It also only uses the Major Arcana, which may explain why it had such a big impact on me. The following sequences are very slick, if a little slow. Lots of lovely Flash and appropriate music makes the experience more convincing though. You select your own cards and then they are displayed with their meanings. There currently isn’t a way to save your reading other than a copy and paste of the text. But that is a small price to pay for such a fabulous experience and an accurate, free online Tarot reading.

The Reading


Facts in favour of the consultant and point of view of progress. The symbol of the card represents the positive influences and strengths that go along with the consultant and work on his or her favour and continuously stay by his or her side.
The Chariot: You are in an excellent moment in which the outcome of any circumstance you are living largely depends on you; don’t hesitate to move on; at this time you are the one in control of the situation.


Point of view of opposition and obstacles that the consultant will find in his or her way. It represents those internal opposing strengths that have not come to light yet, as well as the external obstacles that will find in his or her evolution.
The World:This card, in this position, indicates that trips are temporarily stagnant, so if you have in mind to travel, now it is not as smooth as you can imagine. In general and regarding the actions you undertake in your life, work on self-confidence so you can feel fulfilled; otherwise, nothing will make you feel pleased and peaceful.


In this card, the consultant is in direct relation to his or her question. It encourages clearly defining his or her relationship towards the subject and fitting positions, to calm down his thoughts and place in a more realistic position.
The High Priestess (i): This card tells you that in the present things are very slow, passive and motionless; they do not move on and they are stagnant; you are in an environment where there are hidden intentions, unclear situations. It may also indicate a single woman who is being a heavy burden for you because of her passivity; this situation tires you out and makes you feel unenthusiastic, but you should continue because it is only a temporary situation.

Immediate Past:

The basis of the problems, the origins of the problem and its consequences in the present.
Wheel of Fortune: This card tells you that you are just coming out of a period characterized by changes and turns in all aspects, and it suggests you to adapt now to cycles and changes that the process you have just experienced indicates, by respecting the others’ pace of life and adapting to new circumstances that are undoubtedly favourable.

Prior Past:

Ancestors, theorizing of concern, the root of the presence of the subject, support and the connection between the consultant and the whole issue.
The Hierophant (i): This chard indicates that the origins of the problem were characterized by a lack of morals, order and established values; contrary to that, your environment was governed by a grown-up, who may be a teacher or the person who was responsible for rehabilitate you into society; this person did not have the capacity to act consistently and rationally; it was someone extremely critical with a narrow mind. In your past, you felt the need for spiritual support.

Near Future:

It shows the different possibilities, choices or paths that are available or we can follow at the time.
The Magician: This card indicates that whatever would be the project you have in mind, it will be entirely successful and better than what your think. You have everything you need to make your dreams come true and your ideas come from an open, audacious and skilled mind just like yours. You have endless possibilities to achieve everything you want; you have all energies on your side.

Personal Reasons:

It explains the true reason of the consultant for his consultation. The consultant is usually surprised with this card, because reasons he or she has kept hidden for himself or herself come to light.
The Star: This card indicates that you are in a wonderful internal process in which you want to heal the wounds of the past and to do that, you need to revive the unconscious, you need to dig about inside of you in search of the truth. It suggest you to learn to trust the opportunities you have and keep faith and hope alive inside of you, and even though you accept you are abandoned in life, you should trust you are protected by heaven. After succeeding in this process, you will understand that happiness and tranquillity lie inside of you; live your own truth; find you; there is nothing to hide.

Surrounding Environment:

The environment, opinions f people around us, family, neighbors, and friends. The relationship between them.
The Empress: According to this card, fruits of previous efforts start to appear in your environment. It also shows a very important woman for you, who is maternal, loving and cosy. This is a very positive card and it shows an environment that has to do with good relationships and good results achieved by one’s own efforts.

Hopes and Fears:

In view of the things we go through and those that are about to come.
Strength: This card shows that your hopes lie in your capacity to rationally handle situations and calm down visceral and passionate reactions that appear. You are confident about the fact that inner strengths change the irrational side and you have a great willpower.

Final Ending:

Potential achievement of the goal if the way to follow has been meant to be, and another way, partial results, and analysis of the path that has been followed, so that if it does not give the results that were expected, it does explain the reasons of the final ending.
The Lovers: This card suggests you to make decisions while you resort to your spiritual feelings; this way, you will be in a situation of harmony and balance, and you will succeed in overcoming any vicissitude you might come up with. This card represents the beginning in the processes of love and selection of your partner. It describes the choices in life according to which you should make a decision…

Closing thoughts

I really enjoyed the experience and reading I had with this free online Tarot service, but I’ve had plenty that were too vague. Is that the fault of the writer of the free tarot reading? Or did I just strike lucky this time? I’d love to know what experiences you’ve all had – please share them in the comments section below.


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34 thoughts on “Free Online Tarot Readings – Do They Work?”

  1. The automated Tarot readings I have used online do seem too vague, which isn’t surprising, given that the writers have to cover every possible scenario. For those who would like a free reading on line by a real live Tarot reader, I recommend the 1-card and 3-card readings offered by the American Tarot Association.
    I hope you don’t mind me posting the link: .

  2. Catherine, I was slightly impressed by the automatic reader, but I was disappointed in the fact that only the major arcana cards were used.
    Zanna, Thanks for providing the link. I sent in my request.
    I actually read myself, but it’s nice to have another read for me from time to time.

    • Hi Cher – I think only using the Major Arcana gives the reading more personal punch, they are the archetypes after all and easily absorbed into our psyche. My own reading was very profound for me, the Star in particular was more about it hitting home in a way that felt like the words were written just for me, just at the right time. With other cards in the reading, it was easy to embody their messages and meanings.
      It is nice to have someone else read for us, I’ve had some wonderful readings from some fabulous Tarot readers, but sometimes it’s nice to keep it between yourself and the Universe and see what comes up.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Cher, it’s lovely to see you here again :)

  3. Hmm I’ve had some good one that make sense and some that just don’t fit either. But I’m going to go and try out this one of yours! :)

    • Well, I tried it out, and although my question was very general, I just asked “What do I need to know right now?” the answers were very relevant and surprisingly accurate in some places about me and my life, there were one or two bits that I couldn’t place, but time will tell.
      It gets my thumbs up Catherine as one of the better reading sites.

    • Hi Helen – thanks for checking out the site and liking it! I’m still re-reading mine and getting a lot from it – though it doesn’t come close to the reading you did for me – you my dear, are a cut above :)

  4. Hi Catherine,
    I tried a few computerised online readings over the years, and the one that was amazingly spookily spot on was this one:
    A couple of years ago, when I found myself in an extremely difficult situation, I gave this one a try, and each card described my situation perfectly. It was quite a revelation. As a result of your post, I tried it again today and must say that it’s still pretty accurate, but not as strong as it was at the time when I was experiencing personal upheaval.
    The Celtic Cross you recommend was ok. Perhaps these computerised readings work best, when you are in a situation of personal transition, change and upheaval. That’s when you might be more receptive to their messages. Otherwise I think it’s a bit hit and miss.
    If you try my recommended website above, please let me know your thoughts about that particular service.

    • Hi Christiane – don’t you find that Tarot really hits home though, just when you need it?
      There is a theory that we are at our most receptive when we’re emotional, which is related to the water element and the suit of Cups, as we all know. My point being that the Ace of Cups particularly to me, shows us at our most psychically receptive.
      My own theory is that when we’re so upset, we are giving out, our tears a literal outpouring of our spirit, so it makes sense that a channel is wide open under these circumstances.
      I will check out your link – thanks for posting it and for dropping by, it’s lovely to see you here again :)

  5. Hi Catherine,
    I was impressed with the reading from the Celtic Cross Tarot. What most shocked me was the fact that it was giving me guidance in a specific area of my life that was NOT the basis of my question. It is an area I’ve been neglecting and the reading pointed out that I am doing so at my own peril. So, it answered my direct question only peripherally, but answered what should be in my heart very specifically.
    Very interesting,

    • Hi Dan – I’ve long believed that what’s in our hearts and minds is exactly what the Universe will answer, after all, it really is the burning question.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

  6. Hi. I gave a try to both sites. I liked the one suggested by Catherine best, because the reading gave answers and opinions. It is too early to say how accurate the reading was, but I felt my question was answered.
    The reading from the salemtarot was in my opinion disappointing. The site gives you 3 cards and their general meaning but it doesn’t formulate a real answer.
    It may work for me because I know how to combine the meaning of the cards, but what does the average person get out of it? Not much more than the general meaning for each card I am afraid.

    • Hi Anna – glad you tried them both, I haven’t tried the salemtarot yet, but I will.

      It may work for me because I know how to combine the meaning of the cards, but what does the average person get out of it? Not much more than the general meaning for each card I am afraid.

      That’s an interesting point, and one I would agree with to a degree, but I also believe the Universe (or the Tarot?) knows how you will interpret the cards and will deliver your reading accordingly. There are times when perhaps a generalisation is all that we can handle at the time and so we’re still only being given what we can handle?
      Great point Anna, left me thinking about that a lot :)

  7. Hey Catherine – thanks for sending that link. Online tarot readings can work and I must say, the reading I just did happened to hit on my current situation. Interesting. Could computers or robots make human tarot readers obsolete? LOL
    Much love,

    • Ooh, what an interesting idea – that never occurred to me, but why not? Crikey, we could all go out of business!
      Fabulous comment and insight yet again Theresa, thanks for contributions to my blog :)

  8. There are two more really great free reading sites on the Internet – Joanna Powel-Colbet’s “Gaian Tarot” readings (Majors only) –, and Karyn Easton’s “Tarot Lovers” readings (full deck) – Kris Waldherr also has an excellent reading page up, but the link escapes me!

    • Hi Bonnie – I just love the Gaian Tarot and I actually bought a copy of the Collector’s Edition from Joanna this very day :)
      I’ve used the free tarot reading on the Gaian Tarot website and wrote about it in my review of Joanna’s fabulous deck. I will check out the Tarot Lovers link later on, but trust that it will be fabulous if you’re recommending it :)
      Thank you for your wonderful contribution to this post :)

  9. Thanks so much for this lovely post, Catherine! I just checked out the Celtic Cross Tarot, and the reading proved to be quite impressive. I’m very thankful to you for the referral. :-)

    • Hi Craig – thank you for such a warm and lovely comment :)
      Some things have to be shared and I’m glad you also got a lot from your free reading, as I did.
      Great to see you here again, thanks for stopping by :)

  10. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in checking out my free online tarot card reader. It took me around three years in total to design, draw, colour and produce the Tarot Lovers’ Deck which is the deck that it uses and then the application itself took around six months from start to finish. A few people have told me that the reading that it delivers are quite accurate readings but I would really appreciate any feedback. If you are interested please visit:
    Please note I am not trying to spam I simply saw the thread and thought that you may be interested as it seemed relevant to the discussion. However if I have offended you I’m sorry please just remove my post as I know how annoying spam can be, but I would seriously welcome any feedback.

    • Hi Karyn – I certainly don’t mind you plugging your site – we’re all friends here, and speaking of which, Bonnie Cehovet, friend to us both, has already plugged your site, in particular the Tarot Lovers site.
      I tried out that site when she recommended it in her comment and found it very comprehensive. I particularly liked the different spread options – we don’t always want a full reading and a shorter one is just the ticket.
      When I wrote this post, I had no idea that Bonnie had done something similar a couple of weeks before. So for those of you who want to read a more detailed review of Karyn’s Tarot Lovers free online readings, please see Bonnie’s post.
      Thank you for stopping by Karyn, and welcome to Tarot Elements :)

  11. I personally do one-card online readings by email through I get a lot of valuable practice that way, I find it keeps my skills sharp and allows me to practice my writing as well!
    Feedback is often positive from the querents, and I enjoy the practice. I recommend online readings for anyone who is looking for a way to keep their skills sharp :)

    • Hi Lionel – I have from time to time participated in Tabi’s Free Reading Service and I agree it’s a great way to practice and maintain your Tarot reading skills, not to mention grammar etc :)
      Positive feedback is a great confidence booster too and I would also recommend anyone considering becoming a free reader, to just get out there and do it!
      Thanks for stopping by Lionel, it’s lovely to see you here again :)

  12. FYI, I’m going to give your recommendation a try!!! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Catherine :)

    • Hi Carolyn – I would love to hear how you get on with your reading, please drop by again and let me know!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and welcome to Tarot Elements :)

  13. Hi there! Your site is one of the best tarot
    giving details site I searched over the internet. It made me become more interesting in this topic. Thanks for the excellent tips you have given about tarot card reading.

    • Hi Pamela – I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my tarot blog!
      Thank you for your lovely comment, welcome to Tarot Elements :)

  14. Catherine,
    I tried the Celtic Cross Tarot site you posted and I am very impress by it, since it was right on target. I have tried few Celtic Cross before but the approach of this one I really liked it and I will give it a try soon. That site is great for learning on Tarot as well. Thank yo so much for sharing.
    Many Blessings!

    • Hi Liz – it was a great free site wasn’t it?! The reading I had really hit home in many ways but in particular the Star card’s message – it wasn’t what I was expecting from a free site and just had to share it with my readers. I’m really glad you found it useful too.
      Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to Tarot Elements :)

    • Hi Liz – glad you liked the Celtic Cross site – I found it very accurate and pleasing to the eye too.
      Thank you for your kind words about my blog, I always appreciate reading compliments from readers :)

  15. Thanks so much for this link I have been looking for a good free tarot site for a long time. The reading I did was really spot on. reat work.

    • Hi Megan – glad you had a good reading there too!
      Thanks for you comment, and welcome to Tarot Elements :)

  16. Your website gave me a lot of good places to go for readings. I did want to know what card layout would be best when you want to get answers about whether your marriage will last or not?

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