What Does the Death Card Mean?

endings ~ separation ~ profound change

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Death Card

Endings, mortality, profound change, letting go of emotional attachments, severing ties, it’s over, the end of an era or cycle, failure, loss. For some: transformation, renewal, rebirth, the breaking of old habits.
Delayed endings, holding onto to what is decayed, resistance to letting go, a long terminal illness, depression, inertia, living unaware, going through the motions, resisting change, repeating mistakes.
As People
Funeral directors, hearse drivers, hospice staff, grievance counselors, debt collectors, bailiffs, bounty hunters, assassins, political extremists, despots, dictators.
We have separated living from dying and the interval in between them is fear. You cannot live without dying ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti #tarot #death #tarotelements Click To Tweet

Death Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterנ – Nun
Octo 23 – Nov 21
Related toThe Emperor 13/1+3=4
Count12 – zodiac trump

Articles About the Death Card

When Death Means Death – a look at death and the tarot in the literal sense and how it affected my life, with the loss of my mother and my dog in the same week.

Meditation on Death – explores death from a Buddhist perspective with a focus on impermanence, putrefaction and rebirth.

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